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Here are some links that will help you find out more about EVs, It contains links to sites that are useful to the EV enthusiast so check back as the site grows


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EV Owners Web Sites


A Minor Journey is NIkki Bloomfield's site about electric cars

Autoette Project is a blog on the history of the Autoette and other similar vehicles

Charge Across America - The story of how Kris Trexler drove his EV1 from Los Angeles to Detroit

Dale's Citicar Page - Details on how Dale restored a 1976 Citicar

Danny's Contentment - A great owner site for the G-Wiz

Darrell's EV page - is the best site for info on the RAV4 EV

David Ropers Xebra PK Zero - has lots of info and a daily log about a Xebra PK fitted with Solar pannels.

Electric Porsche 550 Spyder - Peter Ohler's hot electric kit car is a website dedicated to the DJ5E Electric Postal Jeep

EV1 Chronicles - Dave Kodama's diary of life with an EV1

EV Album - Contains photos and information about EVs and there owners around the world

EVCarolina is a Xebra owner's web site

Ford Express Conversion - Svein Medus' EV conversion from Norway

Gav's EV Conversion - Documents the conversion of a Mitsubishi Tredia 

GEM NEV Electric Car Owners - a site for GEM owners to share tips and stories

GEM Town - Global Electric Motor Vehicle's site for GEM owners

Irvine, CA to Las Vegas and Lake Tahoe - Greg Hansen's EV1 trip reports

James' EV Page has information about the Henney Kilowatt 

Jason's E-Max diary is the ownership experience of one e-max owner

Jerry's EV Conversion - Follow Jerry's log step by step as he converts his car to electric

Honda EV+ Owners web site - unfortunately nearly all of the Honda EV+ cars are now gone

Michael's RAV4 EV page has information about RAVInfo and RAV4EV Cruise Control

Mike Chancey's Electric Car - Long time EV owner Mike Chancey shows EVs he as owned has step buy step info on converting a Suzuki Mighty Boy to electric

Milburn Electric Car web site is the official web site for Milburn owners

My Electric Honda Project documents the conversion of a Honda Civic to electric power

Mygreenwheels has good information about EVs sold in the UK.

Neon John's Citicar page has some good info on Citicar/Commutacar maintenance

Peter Trepp’s blog on leasing a Mini-E 

Ranger EV Revolt  is a site for Ford Ranger EV owners

Ray Darby's page about the various EVs he has owned

Scott's Tropica/Xebra page - A former owner of Tropica #13 details his ownership experience

Sparrow Wiki contains lots of information and "How To" on the Corbin Sparrow and Myers NmG

Solectria Owner's web site - How Solectria owners are using their electric vehicles

Southtownlanes contains information about converting the Ford Ranger EV from 8v batteries to 12V batteries

Tim U's ZENN Fan site has lots of stuff about his experience with his ZENN

Tischer's EV Project shows details of a project to convert a VW Passat to AC

Tropica - This Tropica owner has lots of pictures of his car

Wolf Tronix has a great site about the restoration of a Solectria S10

If you have questions about EVs and you can't find the answer at EV Finder or in the above links then email evfinder and I will do my best to answer your questions.