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US Classifieds

AC Propulsion Honda Civic Conversion with Generator Trailer




*Very Rare AC Propulsion Honda Civic Conversion with Generator Trailer - $12,500 for both*

AC Propulsion is the company that licensed their AC Induction Motor and Controller design to Tesla Motors.  They also converted all of the electric
Mini Coopers for BMW.  Prior to that they were in the business of selling their 150 kW AC Drive system for about $35 K.  They also did some custom
conversions of Scion xB micro-vans (known as the eBox) and other vehicles including some Saturn sedans, various VW models and some Honda Civics.
They are probably most famous for their t-zero sports coupe that was driven from their San Dimas, CA headquarters to Las Vegas on a single charge using the same type of lithium batteries that are used in the Tesla.  This was a distance of about 300 miles with an average speed of 60 mph.

The predecessor of the AC 150 drive system was the AC 100. That 100kW drive system is the one that was installed in the car that is up for sale.
This drive system produces an impressive amount of torque and outstanding acceleration. Although they were professionally converted by experienced engineers and technicians, there were only a handful of these cars made.

Even more rare is the generator trailer which is nick-named the "Long Ranger".  It has a high voltage output that charges the battery pack while you drive or when parked. The generator is powered by a Briggs-and-Stratton motor which has not been started in a couple of years, so it will need a little TLC to get it running again.

The battery pack consists of a double row of Optima Yellow-Top Sealed Lead Acid batteries that are installed in a tunnel that runs down the middle of
the car similar to the GM EV-1 and the Chevy Volt.

The motor controller also doubles as a battery charger and has a very sophisticated battery management system with instrumentation that displays
all of the battery data on the dashboard.

When the batteries are fresh, the car has a range of around 40 miles.  If you have a relatively short commute, this should be all you need.
Currently there is one weak battery that is limiting the range to about 10 miles.  A new spare Optima battery is included in the purchase price.

Also included is a special fixture that allows the battery pack to be gently lowered to the floor to allow replacement of the batteries. While the simplest thing to do would be to replace the one weak battery, it is also possible to upgrade to Lithium batteries for the ambitious do-it-yourself-er.  Technical assistance on the battery replacement process is available to the new owner.

I am selling this car and trailer for my friend Tom who has moved out of the area.  It was recently driven about 10 miles from Tom's former home to the home another friend Joe who is storing the car and trailer in Los Altos Hills, CA.  It is a 1994 Honda Civic DX Hatchback Coupe with around 55K miles.

I helped Tom replace a few of the batteries a couple of years ago, so I can answer some questions about the procedure.  There are also a couple of
documents from AC Propulsion with all the details about the instrumentation and the battery replacement process .

The car can be charged from just about any AC source including a 120 VAC wall outlet, any 230 to 250 VAC source including electric dryer outlets or
the J-1772 EVSEs that are commonly used on all of the new electric cars.  A large selection of charging cords is included along with a spare set of wheels and some spare tires.

The car is extremely well-engineered and has an aerodynamic plastic belly pan to reduce drag.  The interior is in very good condition.  It is a hatchback design with seats for 4 adults with a bit of storage room behind the rear seats.  The exterior is in good condition although it has been stored outdoors so the paint has dulled a bit.

The car has California Carpool Lane stickers that can save you time during freeway commuting if you are in a location where you can take advantage of
that. There is also a discount on some California bridge tolls during commute hours.

Tom bought a LEAF so he no longer needs the Honda and has asked me to help him sell it.  I have no room for it at my home so Joe has agreed to store
it at his place until we find a buyer.

Contact Jerry via email at:  Jerry-dot-Pohorsky-at-gmail-dot-com or four-zero-eight, four-six-four, zero-seven-one-one with any questions or to arrange a test drive.



2008 Zenn




2008 Zenn, blue, has changed charger /installed bms/ lithium batt pack, not great but pretty good.  Offered very very cheap, owner is moving to the beautiful boondocks not near a city, and has bought a Volt.


Located in Houston

$3000 as is !! 


More pictures available on request


Reply to Rick


Revised 4/9/2014

2009 WF-72 Wildfire



2009 WF-72 Wildfire, very low mileage (under 1,000miles) has been kept in garage, looks new, excellent condition. Having to sell due to illness.


Vin - 4V6436005G714821T


Asking $6,800.00.

Features and components are as
1) 72 Volt System. Six Optima, Blue top 12 volt batteries, brand new.
2) 8.5 KV A/C Motor, 4 speed manual transmission w/ reverse, front wheel drive.
3) Charge all batteries at one time from standard 120 volt house current, charges in 8 hours.
5) Max speed, computer controlled, set at 55 mph.
6) Max load 720 pounds, includes 4 passengers.
7) Considered a neighborhood vehicle, not recommended for high way use.
8) Wheel base 5 feet, standard 145x12" tires, custom mag wheels.
9) 20 to 30 miles per charge, depending on how driven.
10) Sunroof.

11) Has built in tow bar.
12) AM/FM Radio, with CD Player.
13) Computer controlled, fully adjustable parameters.
14) Has electric heater, no air conditioning.
15) Free delivery first 500 miles from Dallas Texas, $1.10 per mile thereafter.
16) Fun to drive.

Contact Joe Newman @ 817 483 5840



2001 GEM 4 seat




2001 Gem All Electric Car for Sale.

This four seat car runs great. Do not pay for gas ever. Pennies to recharge.

We just installed brand new batteries, brake master cylinder and side rear view mirrors. The brakes have been serviced recently also.

It works perfectly up to 25 MPH Street Legal.

Clean title. The car is not registered with the DMV right now.

This car works perfectly in a Ranch, Dairies, Golf Courses and if registered with the DMV it is legal to drive it on the street with speed limits of 35 MPH lor less. It comes with working headlights, brake lights, turn signals, and horn.

There are several aftermarket parts you can buy to make the car faster or more powerful.

There is nothing you need to do to ride it.

The car runs perfect but needs some work on the exterior after seating under the sun for a while.

Please take a test drive and make us an offer.

We will not ship the car, you have to be in person to buy it.

We take major credit cards with a 4% fee added on the cost

Call or text Alex (209) 975-7436


2007 GEM Long Bed Utility




For Sale $6,000 OBO

2007 GEM 2 Passenger Long Back NEV (Pickup)

1675 Miles in Good Condition

Located in Parkdale, Oregon

Call 541-806-6476 ask for Mike



1980 Lectric Leopard




For sale 1980 Renault LeCar Lectric Leopard. Fully restored and dragged into the 21st century with HPEV AC-35 72 volt liquid cooled motor, lithium iron phosphate 150 ah batteries, Delta Q 110/220 volt hi frequency charger, Curtis controller, dash date gauge, Flux battery management system, new tires and brakes.  Great performance, great restoration! 65 mph and up to 80 mile range. Only 11000 original miles.

$16500 obo

Located in Houston, tx

Contact Greg



1978 VW Microbus Conversion




For sale 1978 VW Transporter van microbus classic. converted to electric. 144 volt HPEV AC51 motor with curtis controller, 48 lithium iron phosphate 150 ah cells. liquid cooling for controller. dual fan cooled Delta Q battery chargers. Battery BMS with spy glass gauge, monitors batteries, motor, and controller for overheating and other faults. 110v charging, or J1772 220v plug. Vehicle has been fully restored as well. new paint, flooring, carpet, interior, headliner. But it's all about the performance...awesome...85 mph, and up to 160 mile range of real world driving.

Email Greg  for more pictures, you wont be disappointed. Located in Houston, tx.

$42,000 obo



2011 Nissan Leaf



Red, Leaf SL - top of line model with QC port, made in Japan, alu body, 49,308 miles


Asking $14,800

email wood95 at for questions


Revised 3/9/2014

1996 Ford Windstar Conversion




Electric Minivan - 1996 Ford Windstar Conversion, includes Level 3 Rapid Charger




This is a very special vehicle, built to demonstrate rapid charging and extended driving range for the taxi industry.  Once driven 907 miles in a 24 hour period.  Maximum single charge driving range was 164 miles; most recent touring trip was 123 miles.  Re-engineered in 2010, less than 100 cycles on battery pack, 3000 miles on Warp11 motor.  Max attained speed was 83 mph, but cruises comfortably at 70 mph.




65kWhr LiFePO4 battery pack, 180v nominal

Rapid Charges in one hour

230V 1200 amp custom Raptor controller

Rex Davis custom engineered AXOD Automatic transmission (not the factory AXOD-E)

Manzanita Micro Regulators

Custom springs and air shocks

Manzanita Micro PFC 50 on-board charger

Power Steering, Power Brakes, Power Windows

5-passenger seating capacity, plus payload


Vehicle is in Nashville, TN


Phone #   area code (916) seven six five - six four two one



1998 Ford Escort Conversion




1998 Ford Escort Large General Electric DC 9" motor, Curtis 1221c controller, Needs 18 - 6Volt Lead Acid batteries to restore this to original design. I had a 130V Lithium Pack in it last summer just to test the vehicle and it worked great. This car presently has no batteries, but is fully functional and a great ride.

Asking $6K. Batteries not included.

Call (three six zero)499-six five two five



1976 VW Beetle Conversion



1976 VW Beetle, 8" Advanced DC motor dual shaft, 128Volt system, 40 (3.2 volt) 130Ah, 16.6Kw LiFe04 batteries, Curtis Controller, two
breakers, adapter plate to VW manual transmission, Custom battery install to accommodate 40 series batteries, Smart PFC-30 battery charger ordered from Manzanita Micro 144volt/30amp (220v or 110v), accessory 12 volt charger and small 12 volt AGM 30AH battery. Back seat is still in the car, all four seat belts, car looks stock with mint interior. Has had full body restoration, floor pans replaced, etc...

I use this car to commute to work (less than one mile one way) every day during the week. It will get about 80 mile trip on charge. The Lithium battery pack was installed brand new September of 2013.

Price $18,500 obo

Car is now in NW Washington State.

Call (three six zero)499-six five two five



Restored 2008 Miles OR70



Miles OR70 Electric Vehicle
72 volt (requiring 6 batteries) $6500 with title
I Purchased six of these vehicles from a local business that closed and who owned them. Before it was relocated to my repair shop, it sat outside in a parking lot in the Montana sun for a while. It is a fun vehicle to drive, easily gets up to 38 mph with no trouble, and gets between 30-45 miles to a charge with new batteries. The operating cost for this car is about 3 cents per mile. I had so much fun driving mine that I bought a conversion for my full time local driving. Now I have too many electric cars. I was able to register all of these at the DMV with no trouble. I have a legit WA State title for this car. Vehicle takes six 12 volt deep cycle batteries, plus one small 12v battery to run the accessories. Currently the car has no batteries in it. The exterior is in great shape. The interior has a a minor bit of sun damage. The car comes with stock AM/FM/CD radio, electric mirrors, cig. lighter, heater. This car has 800 original miles on it. This is the 72 volt DC car, it has way more speed than the regular Miles ZX40 48 volt cars. This car is solid, all stamped steel rather than plastic. It is safe, and drives like a regular car.
$6,000 as-is with title

 Asking $6K. Batteries not included.

Call (three six zero)499-six five two five






1998 FORD RANGER EV. FACTORY ALL ELECTRIC VEHICLE. I purchased this vehicle in July 2011. The truck had its original 39 8volt batteries and did not run. In January 2012 I replaced the batteries with 26 group 31, 100 amp hour batteries using the spoof method found on the batteries were larger so I placed 9 in the bed using a custom bracket. The factory charger was not working so I replaced it
with a Elcon ev charger that works on 110 or 220 using a adapter. After getting the truck working properly I set out to make it unique. I purchased a 2003 ranger edge and transferred the bed, bumpers, grill, hood and mirrors. Then I had it wrapped with lightning graphics. I also added a bed cover, f150 side steps, custom wheels and tires and a light bar. I took the truck to 1 ev car show in Orlando in 2012. It was the talk of the show as most have never seen or heard of a factory electric ranger. Not even the guys from ford showing their   Focus. Since then I have driven it about 2500 miles. They way I have it set up I
reset the computer with the NGS and the gauge reads 39 miles to empty. roughly half charge. I then drive it 35-40 miles then just plug it in a regular 110 outlet and let it charge overnight and reset again. This keeps the batteries from being run down more than half way. The truck runs and drives great and a/c is cold. It does not have any warning lights or codes. intermittently it will buck when braking and the brake light will come for a few miles after a full charge. I believe this is caused by higher than normal voltage from the larger batteries not allowing the motor to regenerate. After using up some of the battery it is smooth. I also have a factory battery pack jack from the dealer along with several charging stations and a additional factory battery charger if you want to put it back to factory charging. All these parts are used and I have no way to test them to  see if they work. Everything I have for this truck is included in the sale. I have had fun with this truck but it is time to let someone else have fun with it. I am now looking for another project. The exterior is in great shape although the wrap job is not perfect. The interior is mint. You wont be disappointed. I have over 20k invested.


I am also interested in trade for car, truck, boat, plane, guns ????. anything of value.


Call Mike 407-739-7853 with questions or trade offers  


see ebay # 201038385733 for more pics







Miles XV40 Electric car
800 Original Miles

New Batteries 
Good Tires.

Clean, Fully Registered, Runs perfectly


Text Charles at (562) 400-1355 if interested.

Corbin Sparrow




2001(11/2000) Corbin Sparrow (Electric Car/Motor Cycle). Not running ??. It has been sitting for months without charging. It has over 8000 miles.


Price is $5500.00.


Located in Torrance California


Contact Amir at (310) 561-4013



1982 Datsun King Cab Conversion




Super clean 1982 Datsun King Cab converted to all electric. Currently 120 volts but can be upgraded to 156 volts. Freeway capable and easy to drive.


Features and components are as listed.

1) Hinged truck bed for easy battery access and maintenance.

2) Ceramic heater for proper heat and defrost.

3) Individual battery charger for each battery for proper battery balancing.

5) Zilla 1K amp 156 volt motor controller, Hairball 2, and HEPA pedal produced by Café Electric (best in the market). Totally programmable for personal preferences for power or efficiency..

6) Custom built and upgraded dual drive 7” motor built by Jim Husted of Hi-Torque Electric.

7) Forced air cooling on drive motors so air is keeping motors cool, even when motor's not running (IE: while at stop lights).

8) Conversion done by JIMERICO LLC. proven reliable by years of real world driving.

9) 120v to 12v DC converter.

10) ODYSSEY high performance 12v batteries.

11) MB1210X12 Quick Charge battery charger.

12) YT Stable Tech. vacuum assist brake system.

13) Vehicle has plenty of room and can easily be modified to meet your specific needs.


 Must see to appreciate the quality of workmanship gone into this truck. Must sacrifice due to new job and move.


PRICE REDUCED to $6,500.00


Have $12,500.00 in parts and batteries
Low miles. Like new. Located in Sacramento, CA.
Call: 541-977-1686


Revised 2/4/2014

1999 Porsche Boxster Conversion




1999 Porsche Boxster $20000 obo

Details: MotorNetgain Warp 11 Series Wound DC, The first motor fan was destroyed at less than 5000 rpm requiring a tear down of the motor to repair. The balancing putty came off the motor and causing mild vibration. Needs to be sent back to Netgain for rebalancing.
Drivetrain5 speed manual, lightweight flywheel, high performance clutch
Controller, Cafe Electric Z2K
Batteries, 1920  Peak K2 26650 EV 3.2Ah now essentially dead, 3.30 Volt,  Lithium Iron Phosphate Pack was arranged with 10 cells in a parallel column, then 4 columns in series constituting a blade. A string is made of 16 blades in series originally at ~205V, now essentially dead.
Charger, Manzanita Micro PFC-40 Liquid Cooled 

Heater, Ceramic 1500W, not adequate for very cold weather. Heat ducting may not be correct. Masterflux A/C works surprisingly well.
DC/DC Converter, Iota 55A 220V
Instrumentation, eVision 2
Top Speed, 100 MPH (160 KPH) Theoretical 132 mph based on a max rpm of 5500 with the Warp 11 on stock transmission gear ratios. 95mph was no problem at around 3500rpm.
Acceleration, 0-60 was roughly less than 7 seconds, but gradually losing performance with loss of battery capacity. Maximum battery pack output was about 1000A for short bursts with a full pack, and about 600-850A for average accelerations.

K2 battery pack was not cold temperature tolerant, and lost more than half the power and capacity in subfreezing temperatures.
1.6 Ah/mile when driven conservatively with about 185V avg sag when cruising at
70mph. K2 cells degrading with time and front pack sustained overdischarge damage from a BMS failure. Best range early on was 47 miles. Now the batteries are essentially dead.
Watt Hours/Mile315 Wh/Mile Improved since installing Michelin Green X tires.
EV Miles, Start:94,330 Miles (151,776 Kilometers)
Current:106,000 Miles (170,554 Kilometers)
Total:11,670 Miles (18,777 Kilometers)  
Seating Capacity, 2 adults
Conversion Time,Started project in August 2008. Purchased car late 2008 and delivered to Revolt Custom Electric (Chris, Aaron and Mark)for conversion in Feb 2009.
Conversion Cost, Over $60K: BMS $3450, Netgain Warp 11 plus Masterflux AC $3816, Cafe Electric $4782, K2 Batteries $16351, Manzanita $3020,
Ultrarev Flywheel/sport clutch  $1396, KTA $429, MetricMind $1210, Custom battery boxes $3850. Total parts plus the
car = $49804 not including labor and maintenance costs.

The batteries in the Porsche have been essentially dead since August 2013. I have a Model S and have been waiting for an opportunity to replace the batteries in the Porsche, but doesn't look like its going to happen anytime soon since I no longer have a workshop garage. If anyone is interested in buying the Porsche as is, it would be a great project for someone else to continue. It has been parked in a garage and is in very good shape. Most everything works very well except the batteries don't hold sufficient charge. The motor has been taken out of the car because the hub slipped. It also has a slight imbalance due to loss of balancing putty known to occur with this motor. Shouldn't cost much to have Netgain refurbish  if desired. The components in this car are worth at least $10000, and a nice Boxster before the tremendous work to retrofit the car from ICE to an EV is around $10000.

Please make me an offer.



2012 Nissan Leaf S


2012 Nissan Leaf SL with 20,153 miles. Exterior is "brilliant silver" with beige cloth seats, and about $400 in extras. One aesthetic dent in rear driver's side door (not from a collision) with no paint damage.


Asking $18,750 ... $19,500 with the EV charger.

I love the car! ... but need to travel longer distances now. I need to make a decision ASAP, so if you are interested please contact me immediately to discuss.

Contact Sherwood Johnson at (412) 523-8344

The car is located in Pittsburgh, PA



2009 Vantage EVC-1000




I currently own a 2009 Vantage EVC-1000 minivan with approx. 2000 miles. Has built-in 110V battery charger. Range is between 30-40 miles per charge.  Great for running errands around town. Additional pictures available upon request. At the time I purchased it, I had a thorough inspection made at a local dealership - everything checked out OK. I have driven it approx. 1500 miles with no problems. If you have any additional questions, please feel free to contact me. I also have the owner's manual.


Contact Jim at 402-592-3247


1993/1994 Solectria Force




For Sale: 1993/1994 Solectria Force Geo Metro 2-door With clear title, and the original documentation by Solectria.

Miles: 33,410
Color: Blue
Body: Good
Economy, Standard, and Max Power selector
Regenerative Braking
Heat:  Kerosene
Batteries: Needs new ones
Chargers: 2-110 Volt 185 V 7A chargers for the 144V Nominal System
Interior: Vinyl
Snow and summer tires come with
Up to 40 miles per charge depending on driving and battery conditions.

The Small Print: This car will need brake work and a new set of batteries to get back on the road. It has had some mouse habitation in the head liner and replacing that would be part of a complete restoration. It has been up on blocks for 10 years.  Other than these caveats, everything was working well when I put it into storage.  It has always been stored under cover and I never drove it during the winter.

Price:  $2,900

Contact John Barkhausen at (802) 496-3935 or email jsb at madriver dot com



1998 Chevy S10 Pickup Conversion


1998 Chevy S10 Pickup, extended cab and bed w/ hydraulics to access batteries. Vehicle is an unfinished PROJECT. Electric Motor has been professionally mounted and timing tool used. Currently i have a complete EV America Electric Vehicle Kit w/ my project. All parts, (curtis controller, postbox, etc ..everything needed to finish) are unopened and in original packaging. I will consider parting things out but don't make me do much work for a single small item. i might sell the donor vehicle w/motor separately if interested. Have 3 young kids and a new farmhouse project so I broke down and purchased a nissan leaf.


I have an invoice from EV America showing over $7k not including vehicle or labor costs. I also have the vehicle title, and a dvd w/ instructions / manual from EV america to finish the project. Thanks for your interest. My name is Adam…make offer. Looking to move it out of my garage rather quickly!


Feel free to call or text me at 434 fourSEVEN3-911Four (spam) I am located in lynchburg, VA.



1993 Geo Metro Conversion




For sale: 1993 Geo Metro Electric Car $2,500.00

It was converted in 2008 to be used as dedicated commute vehicle.  The package was designed by KTA services.  It is a 96v car with 12 Trojan T-890 batteries connected to a Curtis 1221c controller driving an Advance DC 8” 19 hp motor.  It was built with an onboard Zivan NG3-96 charger with 120v input.   Instrumentation contains Westberg voltmeter, ammeter and a Curtis 96v fuel gauge.   The car has been driven about 11k miles and the battery pack was replaced in 2010.  This past winter the battery pack was removed and all of the batteries were serviced by the local Trojan dealer.   It has a range of about 30-40 miles depending on driving conditions.  It will maintain 55 MPH without an issue.  I am selling the car because life has changed and it is no longer meeting our family needs.    


Please Contract me with questions


Revised 11/19/2013

1980 Porsche 924 Conversion




1980 Porsche 924 Turbo.  We love the idea of an electric car, you can buy a Chevy Volt but does that look like a Porsche? Now you can tell your friends
and coworkers that you have an electric Porsche! Oooo!   Porsche WITH USABLE BACK SEATS!  Small, like my old Mustang, but usable!

 Converted in 2009 by Green Shed Conversions. A hot-looking aerodynamic Porsche EV...AND IT HAS BACKSEATS! Keyless  entry. A/C (see "").  I bought a powerful electric ceramic heater but have not installed it yet. Power brakes (auto electric vacuum pump - Two DC-DC converters in parallel dedicated to this for redundancy).  Netgain Warp 9 Series Wound DC motor. 156 volt system (13 Deep Cycle Marine flooded batteries - New in Jan 2013). Trouble-free Logisystems 156 volt 1,000 Amp controller.  Includes on-board $2,150 Manzanita Micro PFC 20 charger. Charge from 110 or 220, full charge in less than 5 hours. 35 Amp DC/DC converter (charges accessory battery while driving). Batman Battery Management System - displays Amps (being drawn and also Amps going in during charging), displays Amp Hours used (and replensihed while charging), displays voltage of main battery pack and a bar graph (an LCD "gas gauge"), no button pushing, all displayed constantly on large backlit LCD display.  LED red tail lights. Top speed 80 MPH. Range 20-40 mi. depending on steep hills, aggressive starts, or gentle cruising. 


HISTORIC TAGS! CHEAP INSURANCE! Here ( You will find photos of this car back when he first converted it utilizing
26 6 volt batteries, there were batteries everywhere, a big box behind the back seats, batteries on top of the motor but now it has only 5 12 volt
batteries in front of the motor, 8 under the rear removable carpeted deck floor. Everything is easy to get to. Even got room for your golf clubs! Back of rear seat folds down forward to extend rear deck. New paint, leather seats, carpet, radio (that is also a DVD/CD player, bluetooth - music from your iPhone to the car's speakers), fancy speaker system. Power windows. Very good recent front tires, brand new rear tires. Recent front coil springs. Recent brakes. Mileage ~ 91,500.  I bought it from him in February 2013. Cost him to convert in 2009 - $20,000 I'm selling it for$9,999. Reason for selling, job change, need more range. Located about 30 minutes NW of Washington DC in Gaithersburg, MD Here is the link to the video he made for me when I asked to see it (it was in Florida, I am in Maryland.


About the only thing changed is I replaced a fuse holder, changed the tail light bulbs for LED bulbs, and put some aluminum flashing over the headlight mounts under the clear plastic to hide the screws and springs. A bit prettier. Oh, also new rear tires now.  The word "Electric" on the sides is a decal that can be easily peeled off. 


Any questions not answered above? Ask! evporsche  - See more at:



1998 BMW 323i Conversion




1998 converted BMW 323i.   White.  done in 120v, has lead acids.Runs ok.  Should get lithiums, need 38 cells, check out pricing at


Has Quickcharge charger, which Quickcharge will reset algorithm for lithiums free, should you buy and want to upgrade to lith.  


$5,999 obo


Email Rick


Revised 11/1/2013

2008 Zenn




2008 Zenn, green, has air con, has lead acids batt pack purchased in late 2010, and 1 has been replaced since then.  Still makes about 18 mi (range) max on charge.  Is set for 35 mph.

$4000 obo.


Email Rick


Revised 11/1/2013

J1772 Charger Cord


Brand New J1772 Charger Cord 30 Amps, 20' Long. I was going to buy a Nissan Leaf and purchased this super heavy-duty cord, but decided to keep my 97 Solectria Force and purchase new batteries for it. Since it doesn't use the J1772 cord, I have no use for it.


I shopped around and this is by far the best cord and the best price. I'll include standard shipping for FREE.


Email ME with any questions



Vectric VX1


Vectric VX1 with just over 4000 miles on the odometer.  It was working just fine until a failed attempt to reload the motor controller firmware.  The motor controller will need to be shipped to the factory to have it reprogrammed.

The bike is located in the Portland Oregon area. Asking $1800 (these bikes sold for > $10k when new)

Call 503 645 0734 for more information.


Motor type :      Brushless DC rear-hub motor
Motor power:      3.7 Kilowatt/Hours
Charger:          1.5kW on-board battery charger, 110V-220V (50/60Hz)
Wheelbase:        60 in.
Seat height:      30.5 in.
Front Suspension: 35mm Marzocchi telescopic fork
Rear  Suspension: Sachs twin shocks; preload adjustable
Front Brakes:     Brembo disc brakes
Rear  Brakes:     Brembo disc brakes
Front Tire:       Pirelli GTS23 120/70-14
Rear  Tire:       Pirelli GTS24 140/60-13
Range:            35-55 miles
Weight:           515 lbs.
max speed:        68 mph



1990 Kawasaki 750 Ninja conversion


1990 Kawasaki 750 Ninja conversion. $3,500.00.

I converted this bike in 2008 and have logged at least 5,000 miles on it so far. It has 20 Thundersky 60ah cells for a total of 66 volts. A Perm 182 DC motor, Alltrax 7234 controller, a DC to DC converter (eliminates stock 12v battery), Zivan NG1 Charger and BCO 60v balancing charger.


Top speed is about 65mph on level ground Range depends on speed. I have gone up to 60 miles on a charge at average 35mph or 40 miles at highway speeds on mountain roads. My average ride is 35 miles at average speed at 40 mph and the bike will still achieve 60mph on the last stretch of road before home. I get lots of complements when I am out and about. Even the Harley riders think it's cool.


This machine is not for someone who lacks mechanical and electrical skills as it is a conversion and, as such, it has no repair manual. The bike has a salvage title but as you can see in the photos it is in great shape

During the building process I tore everything apart and replaced tons of stuff including almost all the plastic. The cost to build was at least $6,500.00. I lost track of the man hours but the are in the hundreds. I am selling the bike cheap because of the age of the batteries and because I am off the beaten path. I had one cell go bad at the beginning of this season and replaced it for a cost of $90.00 I am having a harder time keeping the batteries balanced even with the balancing charger. I cannot say how much it would cost to replace them or how much longer they will last. The bike is in Greenville California.


If you are interested in checking it out you can call Scott at 530-394-8397.


If $3,500.00 Sounds like too much make me an offer. Who knows I might take it.



1999 Subaru Forester Conversion


1999 Electric Subaru Forester $3850

Thought i'd give it one last try as a whole car before I part it out! see the link/web page for all the details, the controller is upgraded/ replaced 2009 optimas
are weak, only 6 miles now, but strong as ever. Needs new gages/monitor instrumentation, and left front cv axle.  Wheels are alloys off of a sport model;
tires good everything else works! solar panels removed. 12v accessory battery is also weak but i will throw in a new one if the price is right! thanks

Call Wayne at (703) 402-4654  for more info

See the whole story at



2008 ZENN



Rick in Houston sold me this lovely 2008 ZENN a couple of years ago, and it hurts me to have to part with it.


Less than 10,000 miles on it as of September 2013.
Lithium-ion battery pack with 25 3.2-volt cells installed Spring 2013 (so the PakTrakr in one of these photos is no longer there).
Charges with a regular 110V or 120V outlet.
Easily gets 40 miles on a charge if you accelerate gently.
Set for 35 mph, goes 36 downhill with a tailwind.
Removable AM/FM/CD/MP3 stereo.
Air conditioning kind of works, but even driving in Houston I never really need it.
Great conversation piece. Pedestrians and motorists at stoplights will ask you about it and compliment you for having such a cool vehicle.

See other ads on EVFinder for more information on ZENNs in general.

Price: $7,500 or best reasonable offer.
Location: Inner Loop, Houston TX

Contact David via e-mail or at 713-771-2033.



1980 Triumph TR7 Convertible Conversion




Zappy The Electric TR7

$9,000 obo


1980 Triumph TR7 Convertible, 45K original mi. The last 12K as electric.

Very clean EV conversion.



The FB-4001 motor is bolted up to the original standard transmission and clutch to take best advantage of the available current and maximize off line torque. 

Zappy has been dyno-ed at just under 200HP.  


The 16 Optima sealed AGM lead-acid deep cycle batteries are stashed throughout the frame for good weight distribution. There are 6 under the hood, 6 more where the gas tank used to be and 4 more in the trunk where the spare tire used to go. Each battery has a custom microprocessor regulator to be sure all the batteries charge equally. 


Above dash instrument panel showing Battery voltage / current and motor current.


The car has been outfitted an on board Zivan charger with the Avacon charging plug under the rear license plate for convenient charging at any of a number of locations where the ICS200 type chargers are located.


Very fun car to drive.


Located in San Luis Obispo, CA


Email Eric if Interested.


Revised 9/11/2013

1976 Honda XL250 Conversion




1976 Honda XL250 converted to an all electric motorcycle.
16 3.2v 40ah LiFePO4 batteries,
I believe a 48v motor
Range is 20-25 miles
Top speed 55 mph

The charger is a stand alone unit, customized for charging the specific battery back size and power that is fitted on the bike. It really runs very well, very easy to ride, and comfortable for a motorcycle. Everything seems in perfect shape to me except I do think the headlight battery (separate system from the main bike battery) is dead and would need replaced. There is a switch on the from that flicks it on and off and it may have been left on and drained the


Location is Washington DC
Price is $3,000

Email Rob:



2008 ZENN


2008 ZENN (Zero Emission No Noise) for sale in Central Florida (Satellite Beach) - $8,000

Perfect first car for a teenager to commute to school, for elderly to zip around the retirement community, or for anyone running errands or just getting around town.

You know how fearful you were the first time your 16 year old asked to drive to their friend's house or to the movies? Usually that fear was founded by memories of how you or your friends drove in high school, right? This ZENN has a top speed of 37 mph, so no speeding worries (or ticket$). My son even tried to get it on two wheels (he said it was unintentional), but the battery pack provides a low center of gravity eliminating tip-over concerns. If you live within a few miles of the school this car is perfect. With a range of 20 to 30 miles it easily handles that daily commute. Range is affected by speed driven, ambient temperature, and battery pack maturity.

Plug it into any standard 110 volt outlet while at school or work and you can double the range! It takes about 8 hours for a full charge and 4 hours for a half charge.  I've measured the power required for a half charge using a watt meter which equated to around 30 cents! Many ZENN owners have converted to Lithium Ion batteries for lighter pack, increased range, and longer life. The University of Central Florida even converted a ZENN to solar power. It never needs to be plugged in!

This is a two-seater with enough room in back to hold 10+ bags of groceries. Two seats may sound limiting, but remember how many of your friends in high school wanted a ride in your station wagon or van? Remember how the chaos increased exponentially as another passenger was gained? How did we ever survive?

The ZENN was created with a European Microcar body as a starting point. The Microcar [] is driven in Europe at 70 mph so the aluminum (aka aluminium) cage frame provides extra safety in the ZENN. Fully enclosed for protection from the elements and has electric a/c & heat if you have the energy budget (shorter trips). Drive system uses 72 volt high torque AC motor driven by a 6 battery (12v each) pack ("current"ly Discover EV 31A-As with 3,000 miles on them). Battery pack replaced 1year ago and I got 7,000+ miles on the original set. I just replaced the Delta-Q QuiQ on board charger.

I've driven this car nearly every workday happily passing the gas station on Patrick Air Force Base (unless I was out of beer). Unfortunately, as I head for retirement, I'm setting up my RV and need a drag-along car that I may need to drive on the highway. So it's time to bid farewell to the ZENN and find a good home for her.

Nice extras include window tint, power windows, PakTrakr individual battery monitor, Jensen radio/CD w/aux in for MP3 player or Sirius (can leave wiring & antenna for Sirius), ZENN Service Manual, keyless entry.

Contract Me  by e-mail for more info or purchase.



Chevy S10 Conversion



2003 Chevy S-10 converted to a fully electric truck in 2008. Conversion was professionally done by Detroit EV. Truck details- 72,900 original miles, converted at 58,500 miles, Motor- Advanced DC Series Wound DC 9 inch, 5 speed manual transmission, Cafe Electric Z1K-LV Controller, Manzanita Micro PFC30 Charger, Iota DLS45 DC/DC Converter, Batteries- 24 US Battery US2200, 6.00 Volt, Lead-Acid, Flooded, System Voltage 144 Volts, Top Speed 75 MPH, Range 35-40 miles with new batteries, current range is 20-25 miles. Over $18,000 was put into this conversion (not including the cost of the truck) I have receipts showing cost of materials and labor.  Truck is in excellent condition.


Location - Clio, Michigan



1972 VW Van conversion


I am selling my 1972 VW Van conversion.  Runs well but needs a new set of batteries. If you can come to Colorado Springs, it can be test driven a short way.  Health issues force sale.

Pictures and more data at:

Contract Matthew at (719) 636-3633
email hobomatt@



GEM Long Bed Utility 



I Love my GEM, which is why it's probably taken me so long to put it up for sale! Thought I'd post it here, locally, before posting elsewhere. Please
contact me with any questions and feel free to forward this to other like-minded people! Thanks!

This is a 2002, 2 door eL (long bed utility) GEM.

7 HP motor which was thoroughly cleaned & serviced in 2011.

*12* batteries (most GEMs have just 6) for better performance, longer range, higher speed.

12 Trojan batteries replaced in 2010: 30XHS-WNT, deep cycle.

New frame built for back 6 batteries.

Battery watering system installed and very simple to use.

72 Volt.

14" wheels.

2 Brand new front tires and wheel ends (new brakes) installed on June 20,2013 (yes, last week!)

New controller is programmed for speed and does not make loud noise when going over 35 mph.

*2* Chargers -- which makes it really simple & convenient.

Zivan NG3, 230V, 19A, 50-60Hz. This one charges fast as it is 220V.

DeltaQ is other charger, recently installed. Uses regular plug-in. ( – is not working, don’t know why.

Serviced by GEM rep in 2011 and Surepower kit installed.

This eL model has a long truck bed with sturdy white frames (that can be removed).

It has a custom built beautiful yellow canopy and an aluminum lock box which holds a lot. This GEM attracts a lot of attention!

The GEM is street legal on streets posting 35 mph or less.

Will include PDFs for GEM Car Repair, GEM Owner's Manual 2001-2004 and 2005 Manual.

Grey interior and exterior.

Headlights, brand new wiper blade, brake lights, horn & turn signals.

There is a lot of space for signage.

Currently, it is being used as an electric ice cream truck.

Over $5,000 has been invested into this electric vehicle over the last 3 years and has been lovingly maintained and tended to by an electric vehicle
veteran since day one.

Contact: laurenbkates <at> gmail <dot> com

$7000 -- obo

Revised 6/25/2013

2005 Lotus Elise Conversion




So this is a very painful thing to do but I am looking to give up on my project EV conversion, I've invested boat-loads of money and time into this project and to the right person this is a dream car! The vehicle itself is incredible, light-weight (2300 lbs w/ driver after conversion), sexy, aerodynamic, etc. It is a Dark Metallic Blue 2005 Lotus Elise with a perfect body, all parts present and back-up parts included (spare front and rear sub-frames, steering assembly, stabilizer arms, etc.) The EV components are realistically too much to list but I'll do my best:


1. 22 Valence UEV-18XP batteries (Over 30kwh total battery pack, 18 onboard and 4 back-up batteries) w/ Valence U-BMS sytem (and 1 back-up BMS system) 2. 3.3 kw charger from Current-ways, J1772 compliant, IP-67, etc. fantastic charger! 3. Controller: Netgain Warp-Drive; includes water circulating pump, coolant reservoir and HEPA pedal. 4. DC-DC converter; not sure brand anymore, its installed up front and I haven't seen it for a while but its there and is a very high quality unit. 5. GPS, WiMax, WiFi antennae, router/receiver and other networking components (to connect car to home network or access information about the vehicle remotely); was several thousand dollars to set up these components. 6. Opto-22 Industrial I/O board w/ brains; monitor and control all vehicle subsystems; was also several thousand dollars to set up. 7. 7" touch-screen, ready for programming to communicate with Opto-22 and display whatever driving data you desire... 8. Motors; 3 7" 144V rated DC motors (I was going to do one on each of the rear wheels and bought 3 so I'd have one spare motor) And tons more small things (contactors, wiring, etc.)


Obviously I don't think I'll get my money back out of this but around $80K has been invested (and that is shopping for good deals) plus the enormous amounts of time which is what I am completely out of at this point. I don't have the energy or intelligence to finish this project, it needs someone who is very good at finishing projects (the only physical need is the rear drive-train and motor mounting), programming components, etc. This is a dream car, imagine having a Tesla Roadster for half the price and having it completely programmable/customizable/etc with no proprietary components (cheaper repairs/maintenance). I would like to get $37.5K for this but I am willing to entertain offers on the entire project or parts of the project (Batteries/BMS, I would take $20K). Vehicle was originally close to $30K, batteries were another $30K, Charger, controller, DC/DC, motors, etc. were another $20K. This is a very good deal but I would guess it is going to take a while to find a buyer being that it is a high cost project. In the meantime I will slowly keep working on finishing it, if I ever get it finished then I'll keep it.


Email Sean



1994 US Electricar sedan



For sale is a 1994 US Electricar sedan, for $6800.

The car looks and drives like any Prizm sedan with an automatic transmission. As of May, 2013 the car shows 17,600 miles. I drive it most days so mileage will be higher than that. It has air bags, and mag wheels are a bit more attractive than the originals.

These cars were converted by now defunct US Electricar company and sold to fleets through GM dealers. Geo Prizms are just like Toyota Corollas. This is an early alternating current (AC) induction motor design, with a controller supplied by Hughes Power Control Systems, which at the time was a GM subsidiary.

Regenerative braking recharges the batteries as you slow down in D1 and D2. I’ve installed fuses in the charger circuit inside the dolphin and in the fan and water pump control circuit, per suggestions in the discussion group (see below). There is no air conditioner. The heater, from the Swiss firm MES-DEA, is an improvement on the original, which was plagued with ground faults, but is not robust.

Fifty batteries in two parallel strings are mounted in a 1200 pound box under the car. Lead-acid batteries were replaced in 2011, and clampers on each battery keep the voltage from rising beyond 14.68 V at 20 degrees C; this establishes what the lithium guys call "top balancing", and keeps the batteries better balanced.

The Dolphin controller has an internal battery charger, which takes overnight to charge. In the past I have used a high power charger (PFC-50) to charge faster, but it is not included in the auction. Cables, fuses and a connector to use it are still connected to the battery pack.

Battery voltage and current are displayed on a Link 10 meter on the dash so you can watch your battery pack condition. The Prizm “fuel” gauge doesn’t show anything of value, nor does the temperature gauge.

There is no guarantee, and the car is sold strictly as is. If you’re not familiar with the US Electricar, I suggest you come and look at it. Mechanical parts of the car are just like any Geo Prizm, but a buyer should feel comfortable with electrical components, as there are no commercial service firms. Fortunately, there is a very active and helpful discussion group (, where excellent advice is available. Just about every maintenance issue has been resolved. Several members of the group will repair electronic components. In my view, this group has made more
information available than there is for any other electric vehicle.

This car comes with spare parts including two spare CPU boards (the most complex component), a spare dc-dc board (converts 300 vdc to 12 vdc for the aux battery), a spare charger board, and a collection of other parts. There's a set of documents from various sources, schematics, software and instructions. Also included are cables that enable the battery pack to be connected when it's not mounted on the  car; this enables tests of each battery while the pack is connected to the Dolphin. Otherwise you can't get at individual batteries. Useful diagnostic information can  be read from the Dolphin with a PC laptop (not included) with a serial port. Battery replacement requires a frame to lower the pack, which is included with the car if you want it.

From underneath some bumper damage is evident in both the front and the back. Bumper covers are OK. From above it’s not apparent, and I didn’t notice it until a year after I bought the car. There are some small dings on the bumper covers and body.

Shipping is the buyer’s responsibility. I’ll be happy to cooperate, but the buyer should make arrangements to pick up or ship from zip 95521. I am 275 miles north of San Francisco, on Highway 101.

Contrac John at (put Prizm in the subject line)  or call (707) 825 9533



1969 Karma Ghia Conversion




One of a kind converted electric 1969 Karma Ghia. We have taken this car to a number of shows and it is always one of the most poplar on display.  The conversion was meticulously done and the body is in great shape - also as with the gas versions, the the care is gorgeous and very distinctive.  It has the lifetime HOV white stickers so you will always be able to use the carpool lane. Its not a long distance vehicle (as with any EV) but it is great for close by commuters (you can comfortably take it on the hwy) and an around town car.

For sale by 3rd owner (the first owner was an engineer who did the conversion). It drives and handles well. Runs on 16 lead acid batteries and takes about 8 hours to charge (when fully depleted). Brakes replaced.Replaced the batteries Dec '09 to 16 Trojan T-145 Plus 6V. It also has an updated onboard charger that takes (both) 240v + 110v charging.

We are selling it because we moved and no longer have a garage to charge it in.

Feel free to contact me with any further questions and/or to schedule a test drive. *Pics taken before the new batteries and charging system were installed.

1969 Electric Ghia :
Make- Volkswagen
Model- Karmann Ghia
Year- 1969
Color- Apple Red
Weight: 3000 Pounds (approximate)
Motor- Prestolite MTC-4001 (21HP at 96 Volts)
Controller- Curtis 1221C (72-120 VDC 400 Amps)
Transmission- Standard VW 4-Speed Transaxle
Batteries: Trojan T-45 plus
Seating Capacity- 2 Adults
Maximum Speed  65+ MPH (The fastest I've taken it is 75)
Range-I comfortably get approx. 50 miles when driving at around 55mph.
Lighting- All LEDs (except headlights)


Price: $8,000 OBO


Contact Sam (650) 863-5185



1971 VW Squareback Conversion




1971 VW Squareback Conversion, FB1-4001 Advanced DC motor dual shaft, 144Volt system, 12 (12 volt) lead acid batteries, Curtis Controller, two
contactors, adapter plate to VW manual transmission, Custom battery boxes to accommodate 29 series batteries, Smart battery charger ordered from Kingpan 144volt/10amp (220v or 110v), accessory 12 volt alternator and small 12 volt battery. Back seat has been removed to accommodate batteries, but other than that looks stock with mint interior. I purchased this car from California. Some rust pits on rear bumper.

I use this car to commute to work a few days a week. It will get about 26 mile round trip on charge. Most of the 12 batteries are new.

Price $6,300 obo

Car is now in the Florida panhandle.

Call (eight five zero)217-5549



1973 Porsche 914 Conversion



100% Complete, Acceleration, Range, Classic Car, Targa-top, and more...

This 73 Porsche 914 has been thoroughly restored from bumper to bumper by a long  list of experts. It has earned car show awards and was featured in Excellence Magazine (a Porsche magazine).

The LiFePO4 traction battery pack has only 2000 miles on it. The pack is made up of one hundred and two CALB 100Ah cells, giving it 32.64 kW/hr of energy. This allows for great range as well as a stiff  traction pack (minimal voltage sag) to provide high power for acceleration. A Zilla EHV 2000A controller delivers that power to a 9" ADC motor, modified by Jim Husted. Acceleration is incredible. Not formally timed, estimated confidently to be capable of a 0-60mph in under 6 seconds (with the controller limited to just 1400A). 

Max range is somewhere above 130 miles on one charge (demonstrated with mixed driving). In comparison, a Nissan Leaf has a practical range of approximately 70 miles, and is not this fun to drive! The charger is an efficient and safe 6kW Elcon, Charge anywhere with several options, including J1772, plus standard 220V and 110V outlets. Typical 220V charge time is about 2x what you spent driving. But with range like this, charging is something  you do at the end of the day (or week), depending on your driving needs.

Inside the car, the dash has a custom built gage cluster with a nice production finish. Dash lights including motor on, and warning indicators are nicely
integrated. Heat up the cabin instantly with 3000 Watts of direct air heating. State of charge is displayed digitally in "percent remaining".

In addition to conversion to electric, many other upgrades were implemented. To list a few, racing suspension, brake system, clutch system, Upgraded (V8) half shafts/CV joints, Low rolling resistance tires, rare wheels & steering wheel, new leather interior, transmission professionally customized  for extra torque. Too much to list here.
Isn't it time to put the top in the trunk and go for a nice road trip?

Price: $39,000.00

For full description, many images, and contact informaiton, please follow the web link:


2007 Vectrix VX-1 Li-ion




2007 Vectrix VX-1 for sale! This is NOT your ordinary Vectrix. It is does NOT have the original NiMH batteries, rather it has been professionally upgraded to Li-ion batteries. It has double the range of the NiMH Vectrix, and more range than the brand new Li-ion Vectrix because the new battery is a 50AH pack, vs. the 42 AH pack that Vectrix is using.  The bike has about 13,500 miles on it, but only about 1,000 miles on the new battery pack.


Don't pay high gas prices - don't pay for gas at all.


This 2007 Vectrix VX-1 electric motorcycle will take you to work, school, or wherever you want to go... without using a drop of gasoline or oil.  The bike is in

better than new condition because the batteries were professionally upgraded from NiMH to Li-ion in 2011. The only necessary maintenance is replacing the tires and brakes - just plug it in at night, ride during the day and forget about ever going to a gas station again!



Charging: Standard 120V outlet

Charge-time: 5 hours from completely empty

Top speed: 70 MPH

Range: 50 miles freeway, 75 city

Weight: 500 lbs.

Mileage: 13,500

Tires: Brand new

Color: Blue

Motor: Wheel-hub, 21kW


 Digital flyer for this cool electric motorcycle:


Youtube video of completed Li-ion conversion:


Email Me (spam protected)

phone: 209-598-9949

bike location: Stockton, CA

price: $4,999 or BO


Revised 4/8/2013

Enginer lithium ion battery kit


8 kw Enginer lithium ion battery kit, complete with mountings and wiring. Excellent condition. Can be viewed at the Luscious Garage in San Francisco.


Paid $6500. Will accept best offer.


Email Angelo



Leviton EVSE




Selling a 6 month old leviton electric car charger. This is the plug in version using the the NEMA 6-20P plug. The unit will also be included with an easy 220 unit which converts 2 standard plugs into 1 usable 220 plug. This easy 220 was used with the EVSE without any problems. The unit was used with a nissan leaf and charged the car from empty to full in 8 hours. Still works great, got rid of the car because we're going overseas. any questions feel free to ask

Link to the manufacturer's product page:§ion=37741&minisite=10251


Email Matt


Electric 1980 VW Rabbit Conversion



Highly functional electric car capable of freeway speeds and climbing hills. Has a 30-35 mile range. Most components of this conversion have been replaced over the last few years (except motor and controller). New batteries have only 500 miles on them. Uses a standard 110 volt plug with onboard charger so you can plug it in anywhere. Body in very good condition. I’ve been charging this car with solar panels, making it a 100% solar-powered car that emits no pollution or carbon dioxide. Good first electric car because everything is visible and available for tinkering. Wiring diagrams included.

I’m selling it because I bought a new Plug-in Prius, which replaces this car and a gas-powered Honda Civic.

Located in Santa Cruz, CA.

Price: $8,500

Contact: Bob 831-566-8239

Technical details:

Electric motor: 60 HP GE motor, series wound.

Batteries: Lead-acid, American Battery Company US-145 batteries, 6 volt each, 245 AH rating, 16 batteries wired in series for 96 volts. Almost new batteries, only 500 miles on them.

Charger: on-board Russco SC30-120 SO, refurbished by Russco in 2005. Outputs 17.5 amps at 96 volts from 110 VAC input. Automatic tapered charge and automatic shutoff to prevent overcharging. You can plug this car in anywhere (may need to dial down current on the Russco when charging from a 20-amp circuit).

Motor controller: Curtis 1231C-8601 MOSFET 15 khz, 96-144 volts, 500 amps.

DC-DC converter: Curtis 1400E, 300 watts; charges 12-volt gel battery for lights and accessories.

Cruising Equipment E-meter displays volts, amps, amp-hour or kilowatt-hour usage, and percentage charge. Separate amp and volt meters for 12-volt system.

Heater: 96 volt core heater uses traction battery current, not 12 volt auxiliary battery.

Body: light blue, 2-door, in very good condition.

Brakes: heavy duty four-wheel disc brakes replaced original brakes in 2007; vacuum assist with vacuum pump, regulator, and reservoir.

Wheels: Sport Max 15 inch aluminum rims, Dunlop tires 195-50-15, only 500 miles on them.

Springs: new springs and shock absorbers in 2006.

Back seat removed to accommodate batteries, replaced by large carpeted cargo area.

Custom welded aluminum battery boxes with active fan ventilation during charging.

Radio and CD player with great speakers.

Extensive log book has record of improvements, wiring diagrams, mileage.

Negatives: speedometer reads high by 5 mph, rear brakes sometimes squeal when backing up, one lever missing on heater.


There is more information and picture at



2003 RAV4-EV, metallic silver

120,101 miles as of today
TAL charger has been portablized which has an L14-50 plug attached
The exterior has some typical outside dings and windshield has a small chip
Left driver's side bumper has scratches and a dent above front fender.
The original charge port capacitor has been replaced last week - was not the problem; the magnet vent mod completed as well.
Needs battery maintenance / replacement, charging sometimes stops with C2913 (since about 3 weeks), was in shop today. Now charging to 4 bars but often just to 2 bars. 
Range is 30 miles at 55mph.
Needs 2 front tires

Here is also a link to photos:
You will have to download the pictures to see them complete

For sale at $9400


Email Eugene


Used D&D motor


This is a used D&D motor I'm selling for $650.00 with free shipping in the US state only.

This works like new, have very little run time

D&D Motor Systems  - ES-31B
Weight: 83.0 lbs
D&D Motor Systems 72-144 Volts, 18hp, Single Shaft
ES-31B (Similar to ADC #X91-4001)
12hp Cont @ 96 Volts
1.125" Diameter 3" long Single Shaft  Keyway length 2.50
6.7" Diameter x 15.05" long Casing
Peak Horsepower Rating = 49 HP

This Motor is good for Small Sized Electric Vehicle Conversions
The efficiency RPM on this motor is about 110 RPM/Volt

 Due to buyers scams,this has no refunds, It works great and I can send a video that it runs

Contact me at 814-730-6674






Electric Micro Car Gyro-Outlaw is hybrid and tribrid, electric and 110cc gas engine powered. Modular design allows easy add-on features, like electric and gas power assist. Gyro Outlaw has full 3Axis front and rear suspension, perfect for the street and off-road. Parking brake, disk brake, wide street tires,  thorn free tubes, burgundy red frame color with optional red or yellow wheels are standard.

For contact information see check out our web site



1999 Ford Escort ZX2 conversion project



This is a 50% complete project (I ran out of time and money). The 1999 Ford Escort ZX2 is in excellent condition inside and out. The engine has been removed and an adapter plate has been fabricated to fit an AC-35 electric motor. The clutch has also been replaced. Other custom fabrications include a motor support bracket and a controller mounting plate with cooling fins. This "glider" also comes with an electric power steering pump pulled from a 1996 Toyota MR2. The vehicle is currently located at Thunderstruck Motors in Sebastopol. This project has over $2500 invested and has a lot of the hard work done. Note: the motor and controller in the photos have been removed and were sold separately.

Call or
Email Me with any questions. (415) 827-7880



1996 Saturn SC2 Conversion




1996 Saturn SC2 80% converted Electric Vehicle - $6500

This gold 1996 Saturn SC2 has had the gas engine removed and replaced with a custom-mounted Advanced DC 144V 100hp peak electric motor. It also comes with a control board, including a 1231C-8601 Curtis Controller and a variety of contactors, lugs, heavy duty (2.0) copper cable, instrumentation, etc.


A full description of all parts and detailed photos are available at


It is located in northeaster Massachusetts.

It shouldn't take long to finish up. The final wiring has not been completed, and the batteries and related equipment (charger and battery management system) are still needed.

Over $9,000 invested. Will sell for $6,500/obo.

Please use the contact form at



VW Scirocco Conversion




This is one of the most efficient Electric cars you are going to find! It was built by Engineering students at ASU in the 90's and was built to be an endurance EV for long distance EV races. It typically achieves efficiency of more than 5 miles per kwh. The car has a GE DC motor, GE 15 DC motor controller, dual charging options (220V or 120V), 30A DC-DC converter, manual transmission and more. It utilizes Trojan T-125 batteries (20 x 6V, 120V nominal) for a whopping 28.8kwh stored energy, this easily gives the car an 80-100 miles range per charge (at highway speeds!). The only thing needed in this car is new batteries, the pack is about 4 years old and although it will get you down the street for testing purposes it needs to be replaced. I can get a new pack for around $2.5K, so for a total of $8K you will have a long-distance commuter EV! This vehicle is located in Phoenix, AZ. It has been a reliable commuter for the last 60,000 electric miles!!!


Contact Sean



Dynasty IT




I have a Yellow Dynasty It’s Electric car 4 door sedan in great working order.
I’m asking only $2800 cash for it.
Lockhart, TX near Austin, TX.
Call 512-797-3164
More info at:



Two LiFePo upgraded Ranger EV Trucks

For Sale -  LiFePo upgraded Ranger EV Truck See eBay listing for details

60 solid mile range and increased payload capacity due to lighter battery pack.

Truck were upgraded from lead to 100AH HiPower LiFePo cells and have been driven for two years.

This upgrade makes the truck more reliable for a solid 60 mile range, faster, easier to stop.

Has a car entertainment system / screen that when in the aux input mode utilizes the Ravn onboard computer system to tell you specifics about status of charge  SOC as well as aux Battery status and if / when an error code pops up, it lists that as well.


Also 1998 truck for sale complete but with empty battery pack / no batteries or wiring in it as is for $3,500.00.

Trucks are white and are in good condition, currently located in Eugene Ore.

Call Ray at (650) 465-1845

Revised 9/26/2012

1971 VW Squareback Conversion



Professional build, FB1-4001 Advanced DC motor (30HP) two shaft, 144Volt system, Twelve (12 volt) lead acid batteries (144volt system), Curtis Controller, two   contactors, adapter plate to VW manual transmission, Custom battery boxes to accommodate 29 series batteries, Smart battery charger ordered from Kingpan  144volt/10amp (220v or 110v), accessory 12 volt alternator and small 12 volt battery.  Back seat has been removed to accommodate batteries, but other than that looks stock with mint interior. I purchased this car from California.  Front disc brakes and tie-rod ends just replaced.  It is rust free except for some pits on rear bumper and left headlight bezel.  I use this car to commute to work a few days a week.  It will get about 28 mile round trip on charge.  11 of the 12 batteries are new.


Price $7800.  Odometer reads 50,000 miles. 


Car is now in the Florida panhandle.

Email Me or  Call: (850) 217-5549


No PayPal scams please!

 Revised 9/9/2012

1969 VW Beetle Conversion




I have a sweet 1969 VW bug that I have been restoring and converting to electric drive. But, alas, life has other plans for me and I am not going to be able to finish it. It's a perfect conversion project for anyone interested in building a DIY electric vehicle. It includes all the necessary parts and pieces - motor,   controller, transmission adapter (powder coated to match the motor), contactor, throttle box, DC to DC converter, battery wiring, custom made stainless steel battery boxes, custom designed dashboard gauges. All the body work is finished and the car is primed and ready for paint. The transmission has been rebuilt and is ready to go. It is designed to be a 72 Volt DC system. Estimated top speed 55-60 MPH, range 40 miles +_. I have about 7K in it right now. It needs a loving and committed new owner to finish it up and get it on the road.

Stephen Sherrill
P.S. tow bar included
Contact Stephan
Santa Barbara, CA .

Note: Entire car and all parts will be donated to a local high school auto shop if not sold by Aug 31,2012.

The motor is a D&D model #ES-15A-6 and the controller is an Alltrax 7245.  Everything is brand new, never used. Motor is out at the moment because I had the transmission rebuilt.

Front battery box in place of the original gas tank. Rear battery box can be seen inside. The wooden boxes are battery mock ups.

View of upgraded 3/8" brushed aluminum fire wall/heat sink for the controler.



1976 Alfa Romeo Spider 2000 Veloce Conversion





I'm selling a 1976 Alfa Romeo Spider 2000 Veloce for $4300 or for the best offer I receive.  This car was converted to electric a number of years ago.  I bought it as a project car, but it's more of a project that I have the time or know how to take on.

Here is a link to the site that was put up by the person who did the most recent conversion:    The pictures of the car at this link are not current.  The current paint job of this car is in poor to fair condition.  (I'm attaching a couple of current photos of the car.)

This Alfa Romeo does run, but needs some work as it won't currently go faster than 40 mph.  The accelerator pedal was recently rewelded and may have been done so at the wrong angle.  One or more of the batteries might also be bad. 

For someone who knows what they are doing, this Alfa Romeo could be put into good working condition. Apparently it did run very well for a number of years as a converted electric vehicle. I've also been told that the components used in this car to convert it to electric are very high quality so it could also be that someone would buy this car and use the components in another car.

I do have a notebook to include in the sale of this Alfa Romeo which contains information about wiring and the various components used in converting the car to electric. Included with the car will be a little over one hundred extra Marathon Norco BB600 Nickel-Cadium batteries. These could be installed to extend how far the car could be driven when fully charged. I'm also including an extra heavy duty cord for charging the car.

If you would like any additional information, feel free to contact Me.  I am located in Waco, Texas and if you would like to see this Alfa Romeo in person, that can certainly be arranged. The person buying the car will need to make their own transport arrangements.



2007 Myers Motors. NMG



2007 Myers Motors. NMG. Electric Trike. (Formally the Corbin Sparrow with Upgrades).

Has only 2801 Miles.

Comes with many extra spare parts, Manuals, Factory engineering sheets, Schematics, Drawings, Electrical diagrams, Information pamphlets.

Price is $14,000 but I will take an economy Gasoline or Diesel vehicle on trade.

Good Clear Pennsylvania title ready for Transfer.

Located Near Dubois Pennsylvania.


Email Me

Revised 8/7/2012

Solar Trike



Excellent Running Reverse trike 36 Volt with pedal backup. Has plug in and solar charger. Top legal speed is 25 MPH. Range is 33 miles + or -


Price is $3500 But I will consider trade?
Location is Reynoldsville PA. Email Me


Revised 8/7/2012

1982 Chevy S-10 Pickup Conversion

  Revised 8/6/2011

1983 S-10 pickup Conversion


I have for sale a 1983 S-10 pickup That was converted to electric using Canadian Ev's conversion kit ($10k value). I also includes a battery box  from a production EV s-10 which sits between the frame rails and below the truck bed. So you maintain the functionality of the full stock bed.

The ONLY reason for selling it is that batteries are dead and I cant afford to replace them and the wife is biting at the bit to free up the space in the garage.

The truck comes with some pretty cool components that alone are worth a fair bit of money. Which include but are not limited to:

~Warp9 Dc motor

~Zilla motor controller

~Manzanita charger

~EV meter

And much much more.

The truck retains power steering and brakes along with the standard Transmission. it also has a custom tilt bed with gas struts for easy access to the batteries and even a Custom casted EV emblem.

I will consider parting out the componets if you buy the vast majority of the parts. Otherwise the Truck is located in San Jose, Ca

Please feel free to e-mail or PM for more details, as well as check out the webpage we made for the car:


Contact Joe



Electric Vehicle Compents


This is a complete 72 volt electric motor, batteries, charger, gauges, cables, controller, etc. It came out of an electric powered vehicle I am converting back to gas power. Everything was working when it was removed. I took pictures and marked the cables etc where they connect while disassembling. It was used as a direct drive using a chain and sprockets, no transmission included. I have all the documentation and schematics that came with the system from:


Electric vehicles of America,
Wolfeboro, N.H.

Here is a listing of equipment...

A00-4009 Advanced DC Motor
AllTrax AXE 7245 Controller 24-72V 450 Amp Limit
PB-6 Curtis Potbox
Allbright Contactor SW-200 (12V coil)
6 - Trojan T-1275 12 Volt Batteries
PFC-2000+ 110 VAC / 230 VAC 72VDC Sealed Charger
ElCon electric fuel gauge 72VDC
0-100 Voltmeter
0-400 Ammeter
Miscellaneous connectors, cables, etc.

These Items were purchased in March or 2010 and installed into an
electric vehicle that has minimal use. All items being sold used, as is,
no warranty expressed or implied.

Total package when purchased new was over $4,000, Asking less than half
of that at $1699 or best offer.


Can be picked up locally in Pearland, Texas 77584. Will consider
shipping at the buyers expense.

Call Chris 832.863. eight five two nine


1970 Karmann Ghia Conversion




1970 Karmann Ghia 100% Electric I call her Karmann Electric 0-60 in 7 seconds 120+mph and 100 miles on a charge Very fast & Very Fun.  


My costs and asking price are below.

 Item                                   Cost

Karmann Ghia                           $1,000.00

Replacement Wheels                     $416.00

Replacement Tires                      $240.00

4 Wheel Disc Brake Conversion          $450.00

Motor Controller                       $1,480.00

Electric Motor                         $1,675.00

Bellhousing Adapter                    $878.88

Lithium Batteries 40-200AH Units       $8,500.00

BatteryManagement System (LIGOO)       $1,821.00

Wiring Kit                             $400.00

120-12 Volt Converter                  $149.95

Lithium BatteryCharger                 $1,006.00

Misc. Hardware                         $50.00

High Torque Clutch Kit                 $128.01

Freight (several items)                $300.00

Tachometer System                      $100.00

Sheet Metal                            $100.00

Motor Cooling Blower System            $150.00

Labor                                  $2,000.00



Total With Batteries                   $20,844.84


Total with out Batteries               $11,894.84


Ghia Only                             $3,500.00

Will need motor & fuel tank


Contact Bill at (850) 893-7226   Lets talk or make an offer.


2007 Miles ZX40S




For Sale: 2007 Miles Electric Car, Model ZX40S: $5,500 OBO

Located in Springfield, MO, this car is in great condition – only 2,200 miles on it (approx..), however the batteries need to be replaced ($1600 or so). All other mechanicals are working great and the body is in good condition. With higher-end wheels and a 2-speed dealer-installed upgrade which allows a max speed of 45 mph, instead of the 25 mph that is standard, it is a super deal! New, it listed for $15,000.

Miles Electric cars are produced in CA: Check out their website, then contact me if you would like more information or specs.


Contact Linda at (901) 232-6574



2006 Zap! Xebra



2006 Zap! Xebra For Sale:  3000 mi.  White, 3 wheels, 4-door, 4-seater. Range with original batteries currently about 14 mi.  New on-board charger and cooling fan.  Charges using household 110V.  Very good condition; great for around-town and very  economical (with our utility 2 cents/mi). 


Located in Sacramento, CA; any shipping TBA not included in quoted price.


Call Dave or Sue, 916-739-8906.  $3900.



Balqon Electric Vehicle Lithium Battery

We have added a new store on our website. Please visit for battery pricing you won't believe.


1988 Toyota Pickup truck 4x4



Asking Price $4,900 AS IS approx 10 mile range (very old batteries),  We can install new batteries for an additional $1,600 for total asking of $6,500
This should boost the range to 50-65 miles

120 Volt system
10 Inch Series Wound DC Motor
1000 AMP Controller made by EPC
Capacitive Battery Charger (120 VAC input / 120 V DC output)

We like questions. 

Feel free to call us at: Wilderness EV (801) 628-6509


Revised 5/21/2012

1979 Comutacar




1979 Comutacar upgraded to 72 volts Curtis electronic speed controller, 9 – Discover AGM sealed 8 volt batteries very little use. Used mostly for promotion purposes, parades etc. Sunroof added plus vinyl top.


Located in Kelowna BC Canada.

$4995.00 CDN


Email David


Dynasty IT body front half and frame




Dynasty IT body front half and frame never been on the road.


Located in Kelowna, BC Canada


$500.00 for all.


Email David



Corbin Sparrow Parts


Hood with support shocks $150  great shape

Pair of mirrors  $75  like new

Speedo  $75  never used

Local pick up preferred for hood,

I live between SF and San Jose.

Contact Ray at (650) 465-1845



EV components for Sale




For sale is an Altrax Controller Model AXE7245, I have never used it.  Also have a new GE DC Motor Model 5BC49JB3071 and a new gearbox for this motor the gearing is set up to reach 55 mph it was tested once. All 3 together for $1000 including shipping.

If you have any questions my number is (408)509-2790, if I don't answer please leave
me a message. feel free to make an offer.

Revised 4/15/2012

100% Electric Porsche 911/959 Conversion




Electric Porsche 911/959
Professionally built performance electric car. Nice 959 wide body package on 911. Converted , and daily driven since Jan 2007. 
It has a lot of top shelf components including the zilla controller, 2 impulse 9"s coupled together with 216 volt of 2150amp batteries. Series/parallel switching at speed; more amps low speed, more volts high speed. Motorized rear lid, new
suspension pan in front, recent alignment. Exterior in Arctic Silver with Cup 17" wheels. On board water cooled 40 amp, 245V charger w New Koni struts in the front, air suspension in rear with on board compressor, front strut tower brace, new carpet
in trunk and in car. new Sparco racing seats 
Been featured on and in; CBS news, ABC news, FOX news national, FOX news local, Discovery channel, Palm Beach Post, Sun Sentinal Details,GQ, Temps and many worldwide magazines. EVPC LLC offers 100% electric for silent, maintenance free, dependable, convenient electric vehicles shipped worldwide. 
Many countries offer tax-FREE import of 100% electric cars making Evs competitive and practical. All types of Ev packages available for the worlds finest.

Call (561) 301-2369 


Revised 3/30/2012

Underwater Scuba-Cycle




Underwater Scuba-Cycle $14,000 Scuba-Cycle is designed to come apart in parts small enough to fit in your trunk or back seat. Assembly takes minutes at the water's edge and negates the need for a trailer. See underwater life on your personal Scuba-Cycle. Makes diving easy with no mouthpiece or mask. Oxygen is pumped in as you explore with great visibility at all operating depths. High performance DC 24Volt motor glides powerfully through the currents. 


For more info call (561) 301-2369


A fun addition to any toy collection, Scuba-Cycle!

Revised 3/30/2012

2006 Porsche Boxster Conversion


2006 Porsche Boxster - $55,000 Electric Porsche Boxster. 100% gas free. Built using quality parts on a quality car. Conversions with similar 0-60 performance of gas Porsche. Over 100 mph, an enjoyable to drive EV, Fast charge, 50 mile/200 miles a day, upgradable range. 9" warp, 1000 amp, Zivan NG3, 220V special drive coupler, professionally built. upgradable power and energy levels. 


For more info call (561) 301-2369

Revised 3/30/2012

Warp HP HV 11" Electric Vehicle motor


Warp HP HV 11" Electric Vehicle motor $2,900 


Great condition. Perfect for you EV Project!! 


Contact Paul Liddle (561) 301-2369 

West palm beach fl 33406


Revised 3/30/2012

Solectria/ Azure AC21A Induction motors




EV Components For Sale: Solectria/ Azure AC21A Induction motors

Qty 4 Available, $1500- EA, OBO

Solectria/Azure Model AC21A, Qty 4: 3 Phase, AC Induction, 90 Nm, 240A, 36 kW, 12krpm max. Controllers (inverters) not included, but speed sensors are.

Condition: All of these AC21s are new or very slightly used (low hours)…These were part of an EV development program that never was completed. Three are air-cooled, and one is equipped for liquid cooling. Two are fitted with Solectria transmissions (extra cost) if you are interested in them).

Other parts: We will be placing ads for more EV components soon, including Brusa motors, controllers (AMC300 and AMC320s), & chargers, radsok
connectors, etc.

Location: Northern CA (Sacramento area)

For more information or to make offer, Contact Mathew



Electric Sportboat



This boat, located in Alameda, California (San Francisco Bay Area) was developed to test the feasibility of electric propulsion for sportboats.  The goal of the project was to determine if it was possible to pull a waterskier or wakeboarder with relatively affordable off-the-shelf electric drive components.  The project was successful (the boat can pull an adult wakeboarder) and I am now moving on to the next project.


Since the boat is completely functional as-is, I’ve decided to make it available to those who understand and appreciate electric vehicles so that someone can enjoy it for weekend cruising or lake fishing.  The boat can be used in its current form, or the converted outboard motor and control system can be removed and installed on a boat of your choice.


The complete turn-key package includes the 16 foot 1973 Super Sidewinder 16 boat, converted 1972 Johnson outboard motor with D&D SepEx motor and Sevcon PowerpaK controller running at 72 volts, GBS 100Ah lithium-ion battery pack with BMS, onboard 110V charger, all controls and instrumentation, and Calkins trailer.  The boat and trailer are both titled and registered.


Visit for details of the boat’s performance, and feel free to call or write Scott Ruck for additional information and pricing.


Contact Scott Ruck


Alameda, CA

(510) 816-0101


 Revised 3/1/2012

Solar Trike


California Roadster




This ia a very clean great looking California Roadster. New these start at $12,000 plus tax.

New silver paint job completed August 2011, and new upholstry by Auto Weave of Westminster.
Front Hydraulic Disk Brakes
Self Adjusting Automotive style Rear Drum Brakes
Delta-Q Intelli-Q On Board Charging System
Napa deep cycle 8-volt Batteries
4 Passenger Capability
Hi-speed, Extended Range Rear End
In-Dash Battery Charge Indicator
In-Dash 12-volt Power Source
In-Dash Turn Signal Indicator
Forward-Neutral-Reverse Safety Switch
Extra Large Locking Storage Area
Tow-Hitch/Golf Bag Attachment Receiver
Custom Polished Aluminum Mirrors
Polished Alloy Wheels
Lexan Windshield
Proportionally Correct Composite Body
Molded Color Matched Dash
Marine Grade Vinyl Interior

New beige vinyl upholstery and diamond plate
Carpeted Floor Board
Polished Aluminum Steering Column
Polished Leatherette Steering Wheel
2 Locking Glove Boxes
2 Position Ignition System
2 Polished Cup Holders
4-wheel Shock Absorbers
Independent Front Suspension
Working Headlights, Brake Lights, Running Lights and Turn Signal Lights
Safety Horn
Custom Tail lights
Passengers: 4
Maximum speed: 21-25 mph

ACG has also been certified by the Federal Government to offer the California Roadster as a Neighborhood Electric Vehicle (NEV) which certifies it for street use and may qualify you for a Federal Income Tax Credit (check with your tax professional to see how you may qualify). Standard color choices: White, Red, Yellow, Blue

A truly Custom Electric Vehicle  Price $8,000

Contact Allen at (303) 819-4088



1995 GMC Sonoma Conversion




This is a 1995 GMC Sonoma 1/2 ton pickup truck converted to 100% electric drive in 2008 by us here at Duke's Garage of Westminster CO.

A brand new Lithium Iron Phosphate was just installed less than 300 miles ago in mid 2011.

This is a reliable everyday driver as a commuter or a work truck. Cost to charge is around $2.89

ADC 9" DC electric motor around 75 hp.
Curtis 1231C motor controller.
New 25.9 KW Lithium Iron Phosphate battery pack good for up to 3000 full cycle charges.
Custom rear battery box steel enclosure with safety glass cover.
Integrated battery management system with dash mounted LCD display.
144 Volts.
Dash mounted Amp and Volt gauges.
110/220 VAC input charger with charging cables.
Charge time: 7 hours @220 Volts
Range: 70-80 miles with a top speed of 75mph.
Maroon with dark grey upholstery, bucket seats and rear stow away seats.
Contractor truck topper with locking side box and bed access doors.
Clutchless 5 Speed GM manual transmission.
Rear wheel drive with additional studded snow tires.
Tires in good shape lots of life left.
Electric Vacuum assist power brakes with on/off switch.
Electric assist power steering with on/off switch.
Electric heater.
AM/FM stereo.
Good glass and windshield no cracks.


Price $25,000

Call (303) 487-1355 and ask for me, Allen for any questions or to come see this truck.

Yes we do have other electric vehicles in stock



356 Beck e Speedster




356 Beck e Speedster For Sale electric Porsche replica 
100+ mile range
This is the newest edition from us here at Dukes Garage LLC in Westminster CO.
We our you #1 source for 100% Classic Electric Conversions.
Never change your oil again in this red 1957 356 Speedster.

1. 100+ miles on a charge driving normal
2. 220v or 110v charger with 8hr charge time @ 220 10 hr @110
3. Top speed 90 mph
4. 3 cents per mile so. $3.00 per charge
5. It has more class than your average 100% electric car.

Turn key ready, new 2011 100% Electric Porsche is built on a Beck 1957 356 Speedster convertible platform. Red paint job with light whiskey leather interior. Comes with a chocolate imported German Haarts cloth convertible top, full length button on tonneau cover/split zipper . and acrylic removable side windows. coil over adjustable shocks, 4 wheel disc brakes and wide five wheels. Pro street 4 speed VW Transaxle..

Every 100% electric car we build, is 100% in house including Battery Management Systems and wiring harness. Rigorously tested to the highest standards. If your thinking about moving up to 100% electric transportation, then do it in style with a Classic 356 Speedster from Duke's Garage.

Power plant is a 52hp 3 Phase AC motor, with 100% torque at 0 rpm. Curtis motor speed controller with custom water cooled system. Comes with an electric 110V heater. The batteries consist of a 31 kW Lithium Iron Phosphate battery's by Voltronix 108volt. The batteries are tightly uniformed by 4 custom fabricated steel boxes ment to contain incase of a collision. Integrated Battery Management System. High grade copper wiring routed inside the frame, custom copper 10mm x10 layered battery terminals. All BMS systems on this car are hand made and tested to the highest standards. Custom dash upgraded to CD player/I pod jack with digital tachometer and LCD displaying current pack life and battery voltage. the original style VDO gauges show battery pack life on the fuel gauge. and the tach shows real time RPM's with a magnetic pick up system.
Top Speeds tested average 90 mph, so fast for an EV. 


Price $60,000


Contact Allen at (303) 487-1355


1978 VW Super Beetle Conversion




1978 VW Super Beetle Electric Conversion For Sale 

This is a 1978 VW Bug converted to 100% electric drive here at Duke's Garage 2011. The power plant is a 52 horsepower 3 phase AC motor, with water cooled Curtis motor controller. Experience 100 flbs of torque, readily available at zero RPM. This battery pack consist of a 19.4 kwh Lithium iron phosphate 34 cell system. Integrated battery management system, which protects your battery's and monitors performance. 3.0 kw charger w/ 110 volt or 220 volt VAC household input. Charge time on this bug is 8 hours at 220 volts. Range is 85+ miles per charge depending on your driving preference.

The AC electric motor utilizes the stock 4 speed VW manual transmission, to reach speeds of 90 mph. Front disc brakes and Baja champion wheels. CD/FM stereo, custom instrumentation and LCD display which shows state of charge and driving operation voltage. New metallic merlot paint job and wether-stripping. Very clean interior and top no tears or abuse. Over $45,000 invested in the restoration, finished October 2011. Basically your paying for the conversion and getting the Bug for free! Built in Colorado by Duke's Garage of Colorado, specializing in high end electric conversions on classic and modern vehicles. 


Price $29,998.


Contact Allen at (303) 487-1355


2007 ZENN




07 Zenn neighborhood electric vehicle, It drives 37 mph on full 8 hour charge. It has 6 brand new 12 volts batteries, new charger, put a paktraker to determine the charge on vehicle, the panel on the dashboard were it tells you how much it has charge needs to be replaced ,the part will cost $700.00 (your option) thats why a pak traker was installed. Car runs great, it has am/fm cd player, body of car in good conditions, electric windows,remote control key lock doors.


Asking 5,500 or better offer.


Call me at 786-470-5358.



A123 batteries


I have 140 lithium Iron phosphate A123 batteries for sale.
They are  3.3 volt 2.3 amp batteries. 
They are hooked together in 10 series of 14 in a series , making a 50  volt 23 amp battery
They have been through only 30 cycles
Also included is a 50 volt 6 amp charger
Want $1,000
Paid $ 2,000 new

Contact Troy at (541) 899-5970



1999 Bombardier





This vehicle is the 1999 Bombardier NEV with LESS THAN 300 ORIG. MILES! Brand new batteries!

It has a composite uni-body with front and rear steel sub--frames, four-wheel independent suspension, hydraulic drum brakes, rack-and-pinion steering, seatbelts, and automotive  lighting. Also included is the optional, pop off trunk lid with golf bag insert.

Also includes detachable canvas doors.


This Neighborhood Electric Vehicle (NEV) is WAY MORE than  just a Golf Cart! Put the key on Golf mode for typical 12mph golf cart performance, tturn the key to Drive mode and smoke your friend’s carts at a blazing 25+mph!  Car is powered with a 72 volt electric motor and additional 12 volt battery for on board systems.

Call Don at (909) 271-5948


1996 Solectria Force




1996 Solectria Force Sedan 4-door – located outside Philadelphia, Pa.
White w/Gray Cloth Interior

Automatic Transmission - Economy, Standard, and Max Power selector

Car is in Good Condition and Very Clean w/22K miles.

When new car cost over $36K. Asking $7500 or Best Offer.

Up to 45 miles per charge.


Call Chris with any questions 610-329-3965



4 Seat 2010 Electric Cruise Utility




4 Seat 2010 electric Cruise utility car with dump bed - $9200

Hardly used, low miles (<150 miles), comes with full enclosure. Can remove the back two seats and dumb bed and put on an included larger cargo bed.
Has 8 Trojan T-145 batteries, radio, and of course all the normal accessories with a NEV.


Located in Newcastle, OK


Contact Jay


2007 Dynasty IT


2007 Dynasty IT neighborhood electric vehicle.

Great little 4-seat electric vehicle with plenty of cargo space.   Top speed of 35 mph.  A full charge will go about 30 miles round-trip for pennies/mile. Good second vehicle for shopping or errands, or for anyone who wants to save money on gas and insurance and reduce your carbon footprint.

See photos and more specs at
actual vehicle is light tan (see photos below)
Odometer reading is 4457 miles total!
Asking $9,250.  Contact Me




1978 Volvo Conversion


This 1978 Volvo has a standard transmission and 12 Trojan T1275 batteries.   One battery is new, the others are 3 years old and there is about 7000
miles on the pack.  These batteries seem to be near end of life.  One will only charge up to about 10 volts.  I think this car needs a new battery
pack, it is a good candidate for a lithium pack upgrade.


Curtis 1231C controller, excellent condition, works perfectly

Advanced Electric 9' DC motor, excellent condition, works perfectly

Elcon 144V charger, excellent condition, works perfectly

Iota DCDC converter, excellent condition, works perfectly

I would like $4000 for the complete car, or I might be interested in
parting it out.


Here are some links:


Located in San Jose, CA


Contact Mike



Electric ATV


For Sale- 2008 demo model electric ATV 4 wheeler. This is truly a green machine.Plenty of power, no gas or oil to mess with. Just plug it into a standard 110 outlet overnight and your ready to go. Get 10-15 miles on a charge, great for on the farm or for hunting. No noise, no gas up to 35 miles per hour top speed.


 Gave us a call at 607-566-2701 or Email Andrea .


Priced to sell at $6,000.


Thank you
Andrea & Matthias Reisen
Healing Spirits Herb Farm & Education Center
61247 Rt. 415
Avoca, New York 14809



2000 Corbin Sparrow




Only 800 miles since built.  Two strings of 40 amp high-end lithium saft batteries, low-resistance Smart Car wheels & tires.  Lefty Raptor Controller.  Cabin cooler, 100+ mile range on charge, dual Zivan battery chargers, 110 or 220 charging.Probably the most valuable Sparrow in existence.  Serious inquiries only.


Asking $16,000.  May trade for two to four seat electric car, truck. or good mileage ICE car of equal value.


Contact Bill (352) 693-5321


Revised 10/28/2011

Electric Dune Buggy



48 Volt with Automatic Charger
30 MPH

New Batteries
New Red paint job
New 350 amp speed controller
New 4 gauge battery wires
New F & R switch
New 12 volt headlights
New LED driving lights
New AM/FM/CD player radio
New seats
New carpet
New front brake shoes
New Wheel Cylinder
New Master brake cylinder
New 295/50/15 tires
New rear view mirror
New clock
New horn
New steering wheel
New windshield

Chrome rims 15 inch
JBL speakers
Club Car rear rend
Top removable
Parking brake

This is a neighborhood electric vehicle. Not for jumping dunes or off road. Travels well on black top.  Have gone as much as 6 miles without charging and will travel farther. Front and rear glass is safety glass. No title, no registration.  Small 2" crack in new windshield top left corner (not a runner). 


More photos available.  Any questions please Email Huey



2002 Th!nk Neighbor


We have a Ford Think, which is wonderful for golf cart Communities. 


Its like new. $3,000.00 or best offer. 


Call 352-533-8118 or 352-250-1190 or Email Us



Partially Converted 1987 Pontiac Fiero




I have a 1987 Pontiac Fiero in the Atlanta, GA area body and interior in very good shape  no dents.   


I purchase this car about two years ago it had a bad motor.  I started changing it over to a  EV.   I took motor and transmission out and junk them got a four speed and a electrical motor made an adaptor plate and used a Lovejoy coupling motor and transmission is bolted together and mounted in car the hard part is done for someone interested in building an EV this would be an ideal one  


Asking only1200 dollars 


For more info please contact Jerry by email first with your number 


Miles OR70 Electric Car




Miles OR70 Electric Vehicle 

72 volt (requiring 6 batteries) $6500 with title 


I Purchased a couple of these vehicles from a local South Florida entrepreneur who owns a bunch of them. Before it was relocated to my garage, it sat outside in a parking lot in th eFlorida sun for almost 3 years, as part of a purchase by an R&D outfit. It is a fun vehicle to drive, easily gets up to 35 mph with no trouble, and gets between 25-35 miles to a charge with good batteries. The operating cost for this car is about 2 cents per mile. I had so much fun driving mine that I bought a conversion for my full time local driving. Now I have too many electric cars. I was able to register the other car I own at the DMV with no trouble. I can now acquire a title for this car from my state DMV. Vehicle takes six 12 volt deep cycle batteries, plus one small 12v battery to run the accessories. Currently the car has no batteries in it. The exterior is in great shape, needs a good detailing, and only has rust and oxidation on the roof racks which can easily be removed and/or painted to look new again. The front bumper has a small dent as well, I can most likely get that banged out by a body shop. I am told that these vehicles they retailed new for $18,000+, not really sure about that though. A bit of minor touch up where the Florida elements have gotten to it over the last 2 years or so, and the car will be almost brand new. The interior has a a minor bit of sun damage as well, but has only been sat in 5 or 6 times. the car comes with stock AM/FM/CD radio, electric mirrors, cig. lighter, heater. Everything needs going over by a good EV or golf cart mechanic, as it has only been run a handful of times in the last 3 years. This car has 49 original miles on it. This is the 72 volt car, it has way more speed than the regular Miles ZX40 48 volt cars. This car is solid, all stamped steel rather than plastic. It is safe, and drives like a regular car.


I can now provide a title with this automobile, I have finally spoken to the right people. 


$6500 as-is with title


Contact Kent for more info, pics etc


 Revised 9/15/2011

2 Valance Batteries


I'm looking to sell a couple of new Valence batteries at per piece price of $250 but willing to sell both of them for $450. I've attached a picture of the batteries along with a product description below. I'm only willing to ship in the US as well. 


You can contact Brian via cell phone (760) 828-2657 for further information or questions. 


*"Valence - Lithium Ion 12V battery

*Integrated Battery Management System (BMS Controller not Included) 

Chemisty: LiFeMnPO4 

Voltage: 12.8 VDC 

Capacity (c/5, 23C): 40 Amp-Hr 

Dimensions (Incl Terminals): 197x130x182 mm 

Terminals (Tapped Hole): ¼-20 

Specific Energy: 79 Wh/kg 

Max Continuous Current: 80A 

Max 30 Sec Pulse: 120A 

Cut-off Voltage: 10 VDC 

Charge Voltage: 14.6 VDC 

Float Voltage: 13.8 VDC 

Max Charge Current: 20A I

nternal Resistance (max): 15 mOhm 

MSRP is near $600.00 PER UNIT."



Zone Spark NEV-48 EX Premium

Highly upgraded Zone Spark NEV-48 EX Premium, 4 seat by Drive Electric

Brand New Condition, Less than 10 miles driven, Plastic still on seats

48 volts

Champagne Metallic, wood grain dash with 4 cup holders

seat belts

has stereo and wipers

Can go up to 25 miles/hour

Look at this link for 2011 model which is $8400.00:

Please contact James at 480-677-9006 or Mary-Jane at 480-993-4116



1993 Honda Del Sol Conversion




1993 Honda Del Sol Electric Vehicle in immaculate, "like New" condition. Only 20,000+ miles on the car. This is a 100% electric vehicle. 


It has 24 Optima Yellow-top batteries that power a 9" Motor. The Del Sol was converted professionally. It looks just like it came off the assembly floor of a new car manufacturer. (Apparently about 36 Del Sol's were converted in California at the same time using a federal grant.) It is an excellent example of a lead-acid/series DC Electric Vehicle. 


This Del Sol can go 70 miles an hour. The range is presently about 24 miles. The car charges overnight using a standard 110V plug. It costs pennies to charge. While new Optima yellow-top batteries will give range closer to 45 to 60 miles per charge, these batteries still have plenty of life for a 24-mile round trip commute. 


The car is a head turner and with the hard top off, it is a blast in the summer to drive to work each day. With no need (or tank) for gas, you will enjoy driving by each and every gas station! With fuel prices so high, this is a great time to buy an Electric Vehicle that is made like an electric vehicle should be. 


Here is a list of features the car has: 

AC Power Steering 

OEM FM Radio and Antenna 

OEM Removable hard top which stores in trunk 

Like New tires and brakes 


Here are the electrical vehicle components: 

Advanced DC 9" Motor Auburn Scientific Kodiak C600 Controller 

DC to DC Converter: Power Source 40amp 

Zivan Model 12-K2 110 Charger 

Albright Main Contactor 

Gould 500Amp Fuse (Front and Rear) 

Original manual transmission with custom adapter using flywheel and clutch 

Vacumn pump 

Ceramic heater using OEM Box 

500 Amp Gauge in Cluster 

E-Meter in dash 

Regulators - 12 battpro with LED's 

224 Optima Yellow Top Batteries in four sub-packs: 6 in front; 8 in mid-ship behind seats; 4 in lower trunk; 6 in upper trunk. 

Car Fax Report Available.


 It is located in Leavenworth, Washington (2 hours east of Seattle) I have additional pictures available upon request. 


Asking $14,500 OBO 


Please give me (Dan) a call if you have any questions and if you want to schedule a time to see the car. (Serious buyers only.) Give me a call at 509-433-103 three.



EV Electric Vehicle VW 1988 Scirocco conversion 




Description This EV conversion was professionally converted and fabricated to specifications 


This vehicle has has a BMS management system components required: 

Advance 9 electric motor 

Byson DC charger

 20-6 volt deep cycle batteries 

Intel 9100 power converter 

battery monitoring Pak Tracker System 

250A breaker main pack disconnect 

Curtis 5K Ohm Controller

 #2 cable hardware 

3 insulated fabricated battery compartments 

professional new exterior paint (Hot Rod Satin Black, with hood graphic) took 2 years to complete 

range expected: 55-65 


additional pictures on request. 


Price 14K or best offer


Contact owner Gary Word (206) 353 4844 



1999 Solectria Force

I am reluctantly putting my Solectria Force for sale due to financial need.



1999 Solectria Force 4-door
Hunter Green
Converted Fresh out of the factory by Solectria. I have clear titile in
hand, as well as all the original documentation by Solectria.
This car as been inspected and approved by NC DOT as a fully electric car.

Economy, Standard, and Max Power selector
Regenerative Braking
New Batteries in Oct, 2010
66K miles
Electric and Kerosene heat
Cloth interior
220 and 110 charging capable.
Up to 50 miles per charge depending of course on driving conditions.
I will help you install a charging station if you are local.

The car be seen in Hendersonville, NC. (I may deliver depending on the
distance, but will require payment first)
Contact Larry Oslund



1997 Chevy S10 Conversion


97 EV Chevy S10 144V Nice shape 14000 OBO - $14000 (Rockingham, NC)


This is a conversion to electric. The guts are from newer electric S10 from Laurinburg School. I took a coarse in Electric cars at UNC Charlotte and converted this truck. 


Good truck, clean body (needs a bath). bed liner, Straight drive, "on board" charging system, 144 Volt system. Can use 12-12volt batteries, Runs and tested good. Over $20k invested, but have no time or money to continue. "no batteries, you need to buy the batteries" Also have the coarse materials I got when I took the UNC class, can negotiate for those materials. 106K mi. 


Located 2 mi from exit 321 on Hwy 74.


Other pictures available upon request. 910-206-1827 or 910-331-9642





1973 Porsche 914 Conversion


FULLY ELECTRIC RUNNING 1973 PORSCHE 914, NO GAS REQUIRED Here is your chance to avoid the rising prices at the gas pump! This is a fully electric conversion of a Porsche 914. I purchased the car used about four years ago from a dealer in Valencia, CA. The DC electric motor, powered by a Zilla 1k-EHV currently provides power comparable to the original 1.7L engine (Could provide 300+ HP if someone were willing to fill up one of the trunks to install a larger battery pack). I have been working on this project for the better part of three years and it is now finished. The car has 12 12V deep cycle batteries, each holding 115 Amp hours fully charged. Unfortunately, the batteries were purchased at the beginning of the project, rather than at the end, so despite the fact that none of the new parts have more than 100 miles on them, the battery pack is not in optimal condition. Currently, the car can go at least 20 miles on a charge and go over 65 miles per hour. With a new pack of batteries (around $700 from Costco) the car has an estimated range of 40-50 miles on a charge. However, the range and acceleration can be dramatically improved if you wanted to spend the money on lithium ion batteries. The charger is capable of fully charging the batteries in about 4 hours. All electronics and batteries (with the exception of the charger which is in the rear trunk) are installed where the original engine and gas tank were located. This leaves the original two trunks still free for storage, unlike many other electric conversions of 914s. Here is a list of the installed parts:

- Warp 9 motor (rewound by Netgain Motors last year, excellent company, great customer service) 

- Zilla 1K-EHV and hairball (one of the best controllers available) 

- HEPA pedal (essentially drive-by-wire) 

- Manzanita Micro Charger PFC-40 (very powerful charger which is capable of charging the 115 AH pack in 3 hours, can accept 120-240V AC at up to 40 amps and includes adapter for standard outlets) 

- Iota DC-DC converter 

- EVSource air cooling kit for motor 

- Adapter plate from Canadian Electric Vehicles 

- PakTrakr remotes, current sensor, and display 

- Tyco Kilovac 500A 320V DC Contactor 

- Palm Pilot and connector for communicating with hairball 

- Ferraz Shawmut Fuse *A30QS500-4* (one extra is included with sale)


All are pretty much the best parts for an EV conversion. Te only real weak point is the batteries.


Car still uses original 5 speed manual transmission and clutch. All original electronics (lights, tape deck, radio, etc.) work. When I first purchased the car, it had some rust damage at the base of the front windshield, so I had that piece replaced. Other than a few small rips in the leather, the interior is in very good condition (especially for a 37 year-old car)! Targa top is in good condition and still fits in rear trunk with the charger. The paint is a little oxidized and has some chips and scratches in it, including a dent behind the driver's door where the car was hit while parked several years ago. See photos for details. The car is being sold AS IS. I cannot provide technical support after the sale although I will be happy to answer any questions you have beforehand or when you come to pick up the car. Please feel free to call me at 559-three zero five-7550 (ask for Richard).


Price: $14,000 or best offer


2008 Ford Edge Conversion


Ford Edge 08, 80mph 90*90Ah lithium ion batteries. Warp 11', fully automatic and one of a kind in the world! 


It's a masterpiece and was originally thought for export to northern Europe. But the project got stalled due to a Nissan on fire in a Danish/Norwegian ferry last year and it will never be any  export opportunity to Norway again unless it's OEM and all standard factory. 


Everything stays the same, 5 seats, SUV, 30-35 miles per charge and I have made over 100 miles on a single day as I charge it at work and at home. Has heater, navigation, same Ford automatic gearbox, onboard charger and you can't see it from the outside or inside that it is an electric vehicle. Just the missing pipes on the back can tell you that it is electric. It has all other standard features on the 08 Ford Edge SEL. 


Tears will fall leaving this since I drove it almost every day for 1 year and it has been my baby. 


Will take reasonable offer but asking 39,900$ 










Can help shipping everywhere international. 


Contact Arnulf Larsgard

President iLectra llc 

P.O. Box 3125 

Davenport, IA 52808 



 +1-563-676-0700 +47 90 88 99 99

  1990 Ford Ranger Conversion


90 ranger new conversion, warp 9 series dc motor, 1000 amp Kelly controller, Elcon on board charger, 120v system with 20 new Trojan 105 batteries, VBS brake assist. 


Would like to sell the truck to build an ac car.


Contact Jerry



GEM Parts for Sale


For sale are 2 2001 GEM motor controllers (t1 and t3), a Zivan 72 volt ng-1 charger along with a contact breaker and voltage regulator. 


Email Me if interested. 


They are used but in excellent condition. I am selling the package of parts for only $1000,00. The controllers are worth that individually.


2010 Jett NEV Electric Car


This little car is perfect for cruising around, whether your sightseeing or just driving around your neighborhood community. 


Fully electric, this kit comes pre-assembled, ready to drive, and upgradable.




22,000 Service stations 


* Roadside assitance 

* On board GPS + much more 

* Federal Tax Credits and other incentives available in some States




Price $12, 500


Call 561-301-2369 to view or for more information



Various Electric Vehicles for Sale


MC Electrric have the following vehicles available for sale.


1999 Solectria Force - White

2008 ZENN - Silver

2007 ZENN - Blue

2007 ZENN - Silver

2007 ZENN - Green

2007 Dynasty IT - Red

Might-E Truck Jr - Orange

2008 Miles Sedan - White

2008 Miles Sedan - White

2008 Miles Sedan - White

2007 Miles Sedan - Red


Click on the following link for more information, photos, and contact information



2005 Chevy Aveo Conversion




2005 Chevy Aveo EV - All Electric Vehicle Condition: Used Clear title - Title converted to fully electric in Missouri Passed Safety Inspection on 11/17/2010 Emissions Waived on 11/18/2010 Miles: 117500 


FEATURES: VIN: KL1TG62665B302098 

144V Drive-Train System 

Warp 9 DC Electric motor (9.25 inches) 

Logisystem 1000 Amps controller 

Air Conditioner and Electric Heat 

Power Steering 

Power Windows 

Sun Roof 

GPS/DVD/Bluetooth Connectivity and Ipod Input 

24 BRAND NEW 6V - Energizer (Johnson Controls) 245 AH batteries Batteries are from a single batch of production. (Made at the same time) 

New Brakes 

Power Locks with Remote Keyless Entry 

Dual Airbags 

All new wipers 

Custom Rear Suspension 

Anderson Safety Emergency Disconnect 

144V/10 Amps Quick Charger 

5 speed Manual transmission WITH CLUTCH 

10 AWG Power Cord with waterproof plug 


Range: 40+ (combined city and highway) No Oil Changes No Gasoline No Emissions PRICE: 14000 The vehicle comes with: Title as full highway speed electric vehicle in Missouri Safety Inspection & Emission Waiver for Missouri Charging Cord Copy of the receipts for most major parts including motor and controller. 




VEHICLE DESCRIPTION: I purchased this vehicle and converted it to fully electric and can carry 3 passengers and the driver. I used a Netgain Warp 9 motor, Logisystem controller of 1000 amps (adjustable). The motor coupler and adapter plate was custom made and it's a perfect match for this vehicle without any vibrations. I kept the original transmission with clutch so you can shift gears just like a normal 5 speed car. I also kept the original power steering pump and air conditioning system. I also used 2/0 Welding cable in all the traction battery cables. Since my commute is only 20 miles, I have plenty of power left when I come home, but I plug in the car every day so the batteries don't sit discharged. I also decided to idle the Warp 9 motor, so this way it drives exactly like a stick shift vehicle (which I love) so when I come to stop, I hold the clutch and I still have power steering and air conditioning. I thought this setup would consume a lot of juice, but I do drive in the city and I didn't want to have to keep the foot on the accelerator to keep the power steering and A/C. As it turned out, it doesn't waist much juice at all. it's pretty neat. HOWEVER, it can be disabled if the new buyer wants. Previous owner told me when I purchased the vehicle she had been in an accident a long time ago with this car, which damaged the front hood, grill and windshield; all of which have been replaced with brand new parts before I bought the car. I drive this EV daily, so the miles will be a little extra than listed. The reason I am selling this vehicle is because I want to start a new one. This will also give the opportunity for someone to own an EV for a fraction of the price of a new Factory EV.


RANGE: The range varies with weather; it's a fact with flooded batteries. I live and drive in the city so my speeds are around 30-35 MPH. After 20 miles the state of charge is about 65-70%. I never drove the vehicle passed 40 miles. Since I just purchased 24 new batteries, I want to "break" them in about 20 cycles to increase the range. To be safe and conserve the batteries I would recommend not driving more than 40 miles for now until the battery pack is broken in and avoid highway. City: 35 MPH Highway: 55-60 MPH SPEED: My speeds are around 30-35 MPH. but I have taken the vehicle in the highway and it drives GREAT. I had it up 75 MPH with room for more. The original speedometer is fully functional. But keep in mind the faster you drive the shorter the range. CLUTCH Vehicle still uses the original clutch and disc. So you have to shift it like a normal 5 speed vehicle. 


BATTERIES: I purchased the batteries all from a single batch as of October 2010 and I requested a standard size CG2 type. So battery replacement in the future will be no problems at all. No need to change the racks or weld anything. LiFePO4 batteries are also possible. I am sure you will be able fit a nice 144V bank, however you will need a BMS and LiFePo4 Charger. There are four 12V fans (two on each rear battery box) that turn on while the vehicle is being charged to prevent any fumes from going into the passenger compartment. The original battery indicator light in the dash board is now your light indicator while the vehicle is charging. 


CUSTOM REAR SUSPENSION The two rear springs are custom made to the specifications of the car to support the weight of the rear battery pack. CHARGING: This charger accepts only 110V input and charging depends how long you drive the vehicle. If you only drive a couple of miles to run an errand, it will charge it back up in several minutes. But if you deeply drain the batteries, it can take from 8-10 hours to fully recharge it (maybe more, maybe less). You may also purchase a new dual voltage charger and have it a 220V for a faster charging system. A/C and Power Steering: Like I mentioned above, I kept the original power steering pump and OEM AC system. I have a belt system on the aux. shaft to drive the compressor and P/S pump. The vehicle also has a brand new AC Condenser and AC Fan. The AC needs Freon. Controller: Logisystem controller 1000 amps. The controller is adjustable. I have the vehicle set for mild acceleration now to conserve battery and have an extended range, but the new owner can adjust the controller as he/she wants. Vehicle Body The vehicle has some nicks and scratches, but it's in overall good condition for a 2005. The biggest thing is scratch/dent in the passenger side door (You can't see in the pictures, but its there) and a crack in the front bumper. Vehicle Interior The interior looks great. There are two small holes in the rear passenger seat. All lights work. The dash clock acts crazy sometimes LOL GPS/DVD/Phone Navigation I purchased and install a custom made GPS navigation system with Bluetooth and Ipod capabilities for this EV. I have setup to automatically connect to my phone as I come near the vehicle. So you may make and receive calls using the hand's free Bluetooth system. It also comes with a Full DVD and GPS System. This Navigation system is custom made for the Aveo only and it looks AWESOME! :


 Tires are in good condition overall. The front tires are new. The back tires have about 70-60% life remaining. 


YouTube video: 


Please call if you have any questions (314) 341-4463 Serious Inquiries only, please.


Electric Car EV Conversion Batteries Set - $900  


12 US Battery 31TMX 130Ah, 12V deep cycle, lead acid flooded. Total 18.72 kWh (at 144V) 


Little used, I've installed them in a Porsche 911 but have decided to switch to Li. If you are doing electric car conversion on a budget you will not find a better battery for that price. I'm getting up to 40 miles range on them. Speeds 65mph+, so quite usable for highway capable conversions. 


Lithium has just arrived today, so come over and take the lead batteries. half of the pack is shown in the photo. 


Located in San Jose, California, USA. NO SHIPPING. LOCAL PICKUP ONLY.


Contact Volt Classics


Thanks for your interest.



1995 Tropica


1995 Tropica Electric Sports car. This is #8 of about 17 built at factory in florida. Lots of Info. on the web if you search. This is probably the best one in the world. It was totally refreshed two years ago. I got it with 1650 original miles. I have put about 550 miles on it in the last six months. So it now has 2200 miles. Everything you could want in Tropica. Good Batteries. Good controllers(twin 400 amp one for each 6.7 inch 28 hp motor driving each rear wheel by cog belt drive) Wilwood disc brakes on all four. Aluminum space frame chassis. 2 seat roadster. Looks like viper/vette/ 70 mph 40 mile range from 12 245 amp Trojans . 72 volt system. Factory roll bar. 2000 lbs all independent suspension.




Located in Laguna Beach. Calif. 92651.


Contact Gordon (949) 497- 6123 



2 X Citicars 


I have 2 electric citicars. one is yellow and needs some brake work and the other one looks fine but i have never driven it. These were both my dads and he has passed and we are looking to get rid of them.


I can be reached at 870 285 5567



1999 Bombardier



This vehicle is the 1999 Bombardier NEV with only 157 miles. Brand new batteries! It has a composite uni-body with front and rear steel sub--frames, four-wheel independent suspension, hydraulic drum brakes, rack-and-pinion steering, seatbelts, and automotive lighting. Also included is the optional, pop off trunk lid with golf bag insert. Also includes detachable canvas doors. This Neighborhood Electric Vehicle (NEV) is WAY MORE than just a Golf Cart! Put the key on Golf mode for typical 12mph golf cart performance, turn the key to Drive mode and smoke your friend’s carts at a blazing 25 mph. Car is powered with a 72 volt electric motor and additional 12 volt battery for on board systems. Range is estimated at 30.


Email Kevin



1971 Porsche 914 Conversion




This a beautiful 1971 Porsche 914. 


The car was appraised by a classic car appraisal company in 2008 for $41,600 (see photo of appraisal report) I am selling it for such a low price because I need the money for different use. 


The car has been converted to electric propulsion and is a head turner and a daily thumps up trigger. It is freeway capable and California DMV certified. The range is about 50 miles to 80% discharge and with opportunity charging I have been able to drive over 150 miles on many single days. It features a 132 volt battery system (22 batteries) and a 9" Advanced DC motor. A fan cooled Curtis 1231 controller is used and it is still under warranty. The batteries are Trojan T-105 with about 1.5 years remaining on the 3 year warranty. The motor is connected to the original transmission and the gears are retained. 


The car comes with an on board Manzanita Micro PFC-20B buck enhanced smart charger. The charger is capable of outputting 36 amps and it will automatically sense and accept input voltages from 60-360 volts AC. So it can be used with a standard household plug or if available with a 220 volt dryer type of outlet. Charging times will vary from 1 hour to 6 hours depending on how discharged the batteries are and how capable the available service is. The charger is fully adjustable for output current and voltage (0-36 amp and 12-360 VDC) so it can be used for other applications if necessary as well as equalizing the batteries. 


The paint is about 8 years old with several small chips as one would expect and there are two spots where the paint is lifting with possible rust underneath but overall is in good condition for its age. It costs next to nothing to run the car (in my case nothing because I get 100% of my electricity from the sun) but it would cost about 1.7 cents per mile if charging on off peak hours. 


Other features include. 

Continuous readout digital Amp meter. 


Power locks. 

Momo steering wheel. 

Removable targa top that stores in trunk. 

RPM meter, odometer, speedometer. 

Curtis state of charge meter. 

Westech volt meter. 


Digital temperature readout for motor, controller and outside air. 

Electric hood release. 

Battery pack cut-off. Inertia cut off switch. 

Ceramic Heater. 

New Carpeting. 

Aux battery disconnect. 

Iota DLS-45 DC-DC converter. 

Porsche 911 master cylinder 

BMW 320i front calipers.

 Stainless steel brake lines. 

Adjustable brake proportional valve. 

New front struts and upgraded heavy duty torsion bars. 

Heavy duty rear shocks and 180 lbs springs. 


Please ask questions as I am sure I will have forgotten to mention all the details but better yet please give me a call since it is so much easier and faster than email, 323.226.1080 Lou



European Classifieds

Electric scooters by Elecscoot

4000W and 2000W Electric scooters by Elecscoot Ltd .  UK Developed and manufactured running gear, zero failure, fantastic spec! 


Visit us at: or 


Thank you Ian Allison Elecscoot Ltd 00 44 1207 502599 or email SALES



Want Ads

Wanted controller for 1998 Bombardier


Looking for controller for 1998 Bombardier electric car NEV (72 volt system). Must be operational or cheap if needed rebuilt. Some cannot be rebuilt so would have to be sure before spending $$$ Please feel free to Email Me or phone (334) 498-9742

Please send pics and detailed info of what you have. May be willing to buy bombardier for parts within a couple of hundred miles of 36330 area code and pick up.

Will pay via certified funds, paypal or whatever you desire except for CASH for you SCAMMERS !.



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