Dynasty Motorcars IT Sport test drive

By Noel Adams


On November 16, 2003 I attended EVS 20 in Long Beach, California where I got the opportunity to test drive the Dynasty Motorcar IT Sport NEV.


The IT Sport NEV is a four-seat vehicle that has the more traditional ďGolf CartĒ look, unlike their IT Sedan model, which looks more like a VW Bug.  The one being used for test drives was a light blue color with four half doors that give you a bit better feeling of security that the fully open look of the GEM or Th!nk neighbor.  Fit and finish on this vehicle was adequate but not as good as it could be.


The rep from Dynasty Motorcar had us fasten our seat belts, which were lap style, before running us quickly thorough the controls.  Starting the Sport is easy; you just put your foot on the brake, turn the key to the forward position and release the hand brake.  A click indicates the main contactor has engaged and you are ready to roll. 


The IT Sport comes equipped with turn signals but they are not self-canceling.  Brakes and steering do not have power assist.


With my wife riding shotgun I hit the accelerator and pulled out onto the test track.  Acceleration was good and the IT Sport quickly picked up speed around the first bend and was up to its maximum speed of 25mph along the straight at the top end of the test oval.  Steering was surprisingly light and responsive.


The road was rougher at the next bend but the suspension handled it well and the ride was fairly smooth.  I did notice that there was a considerable amount of rattling that appeared to be coming from the doors however.  The wind was quite blustery but the IT Sport seemed to shelter us from the wind quite well considering the open design.  This was something my wife really appreciated; she hates wind.


Pulling to a stop at the Dynasty Motorcars location I applied the brakes and found them quite heavy.  I had to stomp on then hard to bring the vehicle to a halt.  I donít think the brakes are inadequate for this vehicle itís just that when you are used to power brakes the heavy feel of the hydraulic brakes makes you think the vehicle is much harder to stop than it really is.  Once you get used to them then they are ok but until you have used them for a while your heart is in your mouth every time you need to come to a stop.


What I liked about the Dynasty Motorcars IT Sport


Light responsive steering

Smooth ride

Shelter from the wind


What I didnít like about the Dynasty Motorcars IT Sport


Indicators that are not self-canceling

Lack of power assist for the Brakes

The vehicle rattled too much.




The Dynasty Motorcars IT Sport is a good NEV that could be improved somewhat by better fit and finish, especially in the doors. The ride and light steering are a big plus for this vehicle.