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Sunday October 21, 2018 Jaguar i-Pace It has been a while since I was able to list a delivery of the first fully electric vehicle from a major OEM.  This week we saw Jaguar make the very first delivery in the US of the much anticipated i-Pace to a retail customer. 


Jaguar announced that on October 15 they had made the first delivery of an i-Pace.  The lucky customer was Mark Pascarella, who lives in Lakewood Ranch, FL.  The Pascarella family has 6 members and they might be termed a Jaguar family as they already have 6 Jaguars in the family fleet including an F-Pace.  I am not surprised that this family chose the i-Pace over a Tesla, they are clearly big Jaguar fans, but I am surprised that Jaguar chose to deliver the first car in Florida rather than in California or one of the other ZEV states as is normal with most new car releases.


The i-Pace itself is one of a growing number of all electric crossover vehicles that will be arriving from some of the major OEMs over the next two years. 


It comes with  a 90 kWh battery pack that gives it an EPA estimated range of 234 miles on a charge, a little bit less than the 240 miles per charge estimate given by Jaguar before EPA testing.  To put this in context, the Tesla Model X 75D with a 75 kWh battery pack gets an EPA  range estimated range of 238 miles.


The i-Pace will be available in three trim levels all based on the EV400 drive train  Along with the 90 kWh battery pack this also includes dual electric motors, one driving each axle to give the car 4 wheel drive.  These two motors put out a combined 394-hp, giving the car a 0-60 time of 4.5 seconds and a top speed of 124 mph.


The built in charger offers charging rates of up to 6.4 kw which translated to a full charge from 0 in about 12.9 hours using a level 2 charger.  It also comes with 50 kw DC fast charging which will allow the car to get 80% charge in 85 minutes.  There are two levels of regenerative braking with the highest level offering 0.2 g of braking when you take your foot of the accelerator pedal.  Touching the brakes can increase the regen to 0.4 g before the friction brakes kick in. 


The i-Pace will seat 5 comfortably and offers a 25.3 cubic feet of cargo space.  Folding down the rear seats increases cargo space to 51 cubic feet.  For comparison the Model X offers 26 cubic feet of cargo space.  The big difference is when the you get a model X with fold down seats in the second row, which ups the cargo capacity to a whopping 88 cubic feet. 


The i-Pace comes at a starting price of $69,500 for the i-Pace S going up to a base price of $80,500 for the top of the line HSE.


Some automotive writers have branded the i-Pace as a Tesla killer but that seems unlikely given the market share that Tesla has at the moment.  However, as Motor Authority said of the availability of the i-Pace, "that's a very good thing, as the competition will breed better vehicles, faster tech improvements, and more choices for the consumer".  I have my doubts that Jaguar is going to make any serious dent in sales of the Model X but it does give an alternative for those who  just don't like the Tesla.  I will be watching sales of the vehicle closely to see if Jaguar really makes this car available in numbers here in the US. 


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